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Atlantis Invaders is an offline space shooter against beasts attacking Atlantis. It’s a classic space shooting game that you can play on your mobile phone. In the game, you will control a battle submarine and shoot at enemies appearing on the screen to defeat them.

After playing a lot of shooting games, many people still remember a simple and fun game they played on an old arcade console. It was a spaceship shooting game that didn’t require an internet connection. If you want to experience that memory again, but in a more modern, more progressed way, you should try  Atlantis Invaders to see whether it’s like what you kept in mind back in the day.

Atlantis Invaders is about Earth getting attacked by scary aliens. This time, instead of coming from the sky, the danger is coming from under the ocean. You will lead the war, controlling large battleships that shoot non-stop and defeat many different monsters of various sizes and types, similar to fighters.


Atlantis Invaders is an arcade game for hours of enjoyable playtime. In this dynamic arcade game, where you play as a drone operator to defend your own territory against a horrible invasion, you can have a thrilling adventure with the following features.

✦ Not Picky & Easy to Play

Atlantis Invaders is an offline game where you don’t have to wait for other players or have a really good phone, most smartphones can handle it. It’s also a platform for both experienced pilots and new gamers to learn and enjoy flying planes. Veterans can try out new places or compete with each other, while newcomers can practice their flying skills before participating in the activity. Also playing Atlantis Invaders does not consume battery, so you can play the game wherever and whenever you want without worrying about the battery running out.

✦ Diverse Submarines and More

These in-game modern submarines have all the best and most advanced technology for fighting. At first, you will have a basic submarine, with a basic gun, and not many bullets. However, if you continue to defeat more monsters, you will receive better, scarier weapons with more bullets and faster firing. Later in the game, you will be able to get new submarines, superpowers, and cool advanced weapons. With the gut-wrenching shooting experience, you’ll be surprised by the difference compared to similar games you’ve played before.

✦ Survive Endless Foes

The enemy also made big advancements in their weapons and submarines. Each level has different challenges, like special goals to meet, unusual enemies, or time limits that make it more challenging to play. The hordes of enemies are becoming more powerful, making Atlantis Invaders an ideal game for those who love to challenge themselves. Also, there are more types of ways for you to explore in the game to protect yourself.

Deep Upgrading System

In Atlantis Invaders, you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons and drone, permitting for more effective elimination of foes. Make sure to improve your warship with coins and gems to make it stronger and have more firepower and durability. You can get new, advanced guns and big ships to fight against tougher enemies in space. Certainly, even if your ship is very strong, it will still blow up if it crashes into an enemy command ship. So, the key to winning mostly depends on how good you are at controlling and making strategies.

Control your endlessly evolving drone now, and mow down endless alien creatures!

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  • Latest Version: Atlantis Invaders v6.00.50
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: Spirit Bomb – Arcade Shooting Games
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  • Android Version: Android 5.1+
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