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Have you ever thought about being a superhero in the war? I have! And that’s why I highly recommend the ATSS 2: Offline Shooting Games for you. If you are looking for an intense, campaign mode, and first-person shooter game, ATSS2 is your best choice with an excellent offline zombie shooter and lifelike scenery. You’ll find it challenging to take your eyes off the screen due to the game’s frantic, lively atmosphere.

ATSS2 is a futuristic free-to-play co-op shooter developed by Techouse Games. In AATSS 2: Offline Shooting Games, team up with your friends, and tame different kinds of animals against your enemies on the battlefield. Upgrade your squad, sharpen your weapons, and fight for your own fate.


Select Your Campanion

The animal campanion is a very important mechanic in ATSS2. All of them have different roles and strengths. You can hatch and train countless adorable animals, and they are all at your service. Experiment with different animal campanions to find the best one for the situation.

Customize Endlessly

With a staggering number of Customization options available to enhance your gaming experience, designing the perfect look for your avatar and weapons makes for an endlessly rewarding challenge for you and your Squad. Just choose your progression path and unlock skins and items to fine-tune your personal battle strategy to survive in the cruel war.

Lock &  Load

In ATSS2, you will play as a soldier in a fun action game. You can choose from special weapons like spider gun, AK47, DSR Flash, M416 knights, AA12 hell, Ak47 and pistol. Whether you incline toward long-range rifles or laser weapons, each weapon sort can be altered to complement your playstyle.

Military Combat Style

ATSS2 is a game that lets players use different soldier skills like shooting up close, sniping from far away, shooting in general, and running to destroy targets. Everyone is excited and creating a lively atmosphere for this shooting game that is played offline.

Stunning Visuals

Although the motion quality and image quality seem a little lower, ATSS 2 reminds us of PUBG Mobile in terms of graphics and setting. You will take part in the most popular mobile raids thanks to the realistic 3D environment design. I bet you will enjoy a truly immersive shooting experience in this game.


With several online multiplayer modes and in-game events, battles in ATSS2 never stop! You’ll face hordes of the Walking Dead or team up with your friends to fight against zombies to see who has the last laugh. There are 3 types of game modes for you to explore.


⚔ Campaign Mode

Swat Team’s thrilling storylines will be presented to you in campaign mode as you fight to prevent the end of the world. In this offline FPS Swat Team, you’ll need to use all of your shooting skills to take out the player’s unknown enemies and destroy labs because thugs are occupying various locations and preparing lethal attacks.

🤼‍♂️ Multiplayer Mode

And with AAA graphics and mobile games, it will seem like you are truly part of the exciting action. Whether you are playing alone or with others, ATSS2 is the best shooting game for fans of action and adventure, where you can battle against other players from around the world in epic wars.

🧟‍♂️ Zombie Mode

In zombie mode, you’ll confront off against swarms of undead adversaries in a heart-pumping fight for survival. As you battle to remain lively, you’ll have to utilize all your expert shooting abilities to knock down waves of zombies.

Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers, and thrilling wars? Download and prove yourself in each mode and apply different strategies and tactics to emerge victorious in this battle.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: AATSS 2: Offline Shooting Games  0.3.4
  • Category: FPS/RPG
  • Developer: Techouse Games
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android: 5.1+
  • Size: 371.0MB

Change Log

Version 0.3.4 updated on Sep 23, 2023

  • Zombie tutorial added
  • Multiplayer mode fully optimized
  • All bugs fixed



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