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Attack Hole is a unique and enjoyable game where a bottomless black hole is waiting for you to control and swallow everything around you. It offers a singular experience that goes beyond its basic game mechanics. It stands out because of its creative gameplay elements and the gleeful sense of swallowing everything into a hole.


Attack Hole is similar to the popular Donut County game on consoles and computers. In some situations, a mysterious black hole shows up, starts moving around, and eats up everything it comes across in the world. However, Attack Hole has a unique ability to put everything on separate lines, which makes it distinguished from Donut County.

Basically, we can now see black holes as a huge storage place. Eating more things makes you bigger and stronger. Then the game will bring you to the most fierce and dangerous creature in the area, and you will use the weapons you have swallowed to destroy the enemy.

Ever-growing Fun

The basic rule of Attack Hole is that if you go near an item that is the same size as or smaller than the black hole, the black hole will swallow that item on its own. If you have big weapons, you’ll need a very big black hole to swallow them. Become the strongest Black Hole in the entire universe, a master collector with numerous puzzle victories, and assist the black hole in gulping down a large number of objects.

✿ Control the black hole to devour everything

The Black Holes are likely the greediest things in this galaxy. Wherever it is in space, it can still pull in everything big and small towards it and make it vanish forever. In Attack Hole, the developer has given the player a specific task in a very simple way. You control your black hole, cleverly using everything available like food, drinks, guns, bullets, and even muscular arms.

✿ Collect unlimited items

The main objective in this relaxed game is to collect as many different weapons as you can and put them into the black hole. The arms also help you become stronger and more flexible during boss fights. If the item you want to get is covered by or mixed in with other things, you will carefully move it to make a little bit of suction so the things around it shake a little. When the shaking stops, the item will be let go. Now, simply put it in and swallow it carefully.

✿ Explore intricate and funny level

In Attack Hole, you can navigate carefully crafted levels that are also challenging and time-limited. Use your skills and strategies to interact with the in-game world and grow bigger each time. Attention, the clock is running, and each level has a specific amount of time allotted. When the time is up, you will face a really strong boss, a true test of your skills. So you should maintain a relaxed atmosphere while consistently acknowledging and addressing the challenges ahead.

✿ Minimalist style

Both monsters and a colorful bubble doll without a specific character are included in the game. All the weapons, obstacles, and things you can collect in the game are shown in a simple and basic 3D style. If you don’t have high expectations for a very beautiful game, Attack Hole is good enough to relax, but it’s not too impressive. Also, the background music of the game is kind of repetitive, but it gives a lively and energetic vibe.

It may not take a long time to play Attack Hole, but it is an experience that you will always remember and appreciate. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of Attack Hole and start to swallow up everything now!

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  • Latest Version: Attack Hole v1.13.0
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: Homa
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  • Android Version: Android 5.1+
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