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Auto Battle Wars: Spin Tactics is a fun and adorable strategy fighting game that may seem strange with its odd black animals. Would you like to become an experienced strategist in the exciting player-versus-player battles of this game filled with wild animals? Let’s together collect, and combine cute animals in the thrilling strategic arenas!


Strategic Gameplay

The way the game looks in Auto Battle Wars: Spin Tactics is similar to other strategy games. The gameplay is also pretty simple but enjoyable. Players will compete against each other in battles in different ways, collect trophies, and unlock new types of beasts. From there, you slowly put together a group of strong animal fighters to battle in many places.

📢 Rules

The PVP battle is split into two groups. Each group has a different color and is on opposite sides of the screen. The screen is split into little squares, and every animal will be in a square according to where the player wants them. Each animal has a little colored symbol on its head that shows how powerful it is. If you have a certain animal and icon, you can see where you rank compared to the opposing team’s animals. On the table with squares, the creature will move one square at a time. So, first, we need to think carefully about where to put the animal on the table so that it is in the smartest position. The place where you begin can sometimes make a big difference in your chances of winning, as much as 50%.

🎁 Unlock

In Auto Battle Wars: Spin Tactics, each special unit has its own fighting abilities. If you have many different animals in your collection, your army will have a wide variety of animals, which provides many different ways to engage in tactical combat.

Furthermore, you can unlock new arena locations by participating in intense PvP battles from Dizzy Desert, and Moonlit Meadow, to a dark and empty area called Beech Barrens. The design structure of the tactical table will be a little different in each location, and the enemies and rewards will be unique and not the same as before.


⬆ Upgrade

Units can be upgraded after every battle. The creatures on the game board can be put together to make a more advanced creature. Using these two methods, players will slowly start winning more games, greatly improve their levels, and access more new places. The main aim of every player in Auto Battle Wars: Spin Tactics is to become the best strategist and expert in making tactical moves.

💞 Synergize

Each animal within the team can join forces with other animals of the same species to become more powerful. Additionally, they can become stronger by gaining experience in battles. Each unit has its signature strengths, which are further accentuated by your strategic combination, and each boost can create a new level where you have a greater ability to defeat enemies.

🏘 Expand

Auto Battle Wars: Spin Tactics offers players various methods to gather armies of creatures. One way is that you can battle and gather gold coins. When you have a lot of money, you can use it to play a game and get new animals. The second method is to use the points you earn to unlock new animals by collecting stars. You can also combine similar animals to make a better and stronger animal.

Download and build the strongest team of cute animals with unique abilities. In this chill free-to-play auto battler, everything is at your own speed!

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  • Latest Version: Auto Battle Wars: Spin Tactics v0.1.1
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  • Developer: T-Bull S A
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