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Auto Battles Online is an idle battle RPG that offers an online fighting experience with exciting battlegrounds and places the desire for non-stop actions in your hands. The in-game battles are filled with chaos but are not too difficult. Everything from how the game is played, how it looks, and the automatic battle option, all make it enjoyable and easy. Your task is to appreciate and have fun watching the exciting battles with different colors and characters. If you’re looking for an online idle RPG, with elements like shaping, gameplay, and fighting, you should definitely try Auto Battles Online!


Game Flow

Auto Battles Online is all about non-stop fighting and constant growth, emerging from a scene of chaos. Over time, you will take control of various islands and turn them into a self-sufficient empire that makes money. Players can also think about joining forces with another group to attack islands that belong to another group.

⚝ Start with a single hero

You will begin playing Auto Battles Online with just one hero. You can customize the look of your hero with unique outfits, facial designs, and lighting combinations of accessories and equipment. That’s just the main outside foundation. Later on, when you are in battles, your character will have better upgrades that will enhance their strength and abilities.

⚝ Jump into the fray

You can later discover and unlock amazing heroes along the courageous adventure, and when the hero is prepared, it’s time to send it to AFK battle and activate the game’s automatic fighting ability. At first, all you need to do is just watch the exciting battles going on and see your hero get more and more stronger by defeating monstrous foes and bosses.

⚝ Win tons of unlockables

There are many awesome and special items to pick from. Give your team powerful weapons like the Hellsword or the Crystal Longsword. Also, make the defense of heroes better by giving them special armor that keeps them safe in a fight. Improve skills and gain access to superior tools or gadgets. The goal is to challenge tougher teams as your team gets stronger.

Notes: Weapons and armor come in different levels. As you go forward, you’ll unlock better equipment that can make your team of warriors stronger.

⚝ Upgrade your army to become invincible

Later in the game, you’ll earn a bunch of gold coins to use for unlocking new hero characters. Eventually, you will possess a group of brave and special individuals. At this stage, your ability to fight strategically and make tactical decisions will become evident. Also, you can unlock different types of characters including a melee combat fighter, long-range archer, and magic minter. Your job is to organize the team to provide synergy so that the different roles and abilities work well together.

⚝ Chaotic PvP Arena

You can use an online square chess board to strategically position your team’s heroes for better chances of success in matches. Try your hardest to be the best leader and be at the top of the leaderboard to show them who has the best skills. The inscription in the arena says that it is your fate to become the greatest champion and create a legendary status in this new world!

Auto Battles Online lets you experience chaotic, intense, and detailed PvP battles all at the same time. However, it is really simple to keep track of how well you are doing and make the player feel excited. There is nothing better than seeing your Autobattle heroes defeat enemies by using magic, archery, and fighting skills.

Your immortal heroes never sit idle but you can easily gain relaxation in Auto Battles Online. Now engage in PVP Idle RPG- the choice is in your hands!

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