AVABEL ONLINE v10.6.2 MOD APK(Versatile missions)

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AVABEL ONLINE is an MMORPG with a beautiful interface and abundant flexible gameplay beyond imagination. Your story as a great hero begins now! Explore a vast and thrilling world with your summoned characters by your side in this new MMORPG. Appreciate the “Tower Scramble”, where up to 1,000 players can battle at once online, society & group fights, 1-on-1, and vital PvP fights that will leave your palms sweating!

The Story

In AVABEL ONLINE, there is a peaceful world that is just like the one we know, with lots of greenery. One day, a big tower appeared out of nowhere. In the tall building, there are lots of hidden rooms with lots of dangerous creatures and irritating bosses inside. If we don’t get rid of all the monsters in the mysterious tower and seal every room, they could escape and destroy everything outside.

Summoned from different places and cultures, some great heroes with special fighting abilities and their own weapons will go into each room one by one, defeating all the monsters and bosses. They will also find secret rooms and eventually destroy the whole tower. All need to be patient and unite with determination and belief to succeed…

Key Features

In AVABEL ONLINE, you can explore beautiful landscapes, fight against ferocious monsters, and challenge powerful bosses. Embark on an odyssey for the AVABEL ONLINE in a vast, vibrant world.

Unlimited freedom

AVABEL ONLINE has all the characteristics of a commonplace role-playing diversion. You’ll choose, customize your claim character, select to enter a to begin with room, and unreservedly battle in your possess way. Both the way of collecting deeds and choosing distinctive strategies of progress, you moreover have total control. One figure within the victory of the free soul in AVABEL ONLINE is the cast of monsters and the setting of each room.

As specified, each room within the tower that you simply will go into is basically a world of its possess. Each world has its claim nature, color, and biological system with incalculable special adversaries, planned with no copy.

Versatile missions

In common, the activities of AVABEL ONLINE players are to attack and destroy beasts to level up increase skill points, learn more aptitudes, and collect advanced weapons. The basic idea of this game is that when you go to a different room or world, the way you fight monsters will be totally different. So the strategies in this game are really advanced.

In AVABEL ONLINE, there are many missions that are both challenging for the player and a chance to enhance your character, get better weapons and equipment, and improve your abilities. Sometimes, you can get awesome rewards by doing missions. These rewards will usually be rare and difficult to find items that you can get from outside sources.

Scavenge & craft endless powerful weapons

With the weapon crafting system, you need to collect materials from past battles with monsters on the battlefield and forge them to make new weapons for upcoming fights. Along with the character’s weapons, these things they made can also be improved by adding more gems to make them more destructive. You can choose when to upgrade certain items to fight against specific enemies.

Super power of alliances

Why don’t you interact, and get in touch with the great heroes all over the world, to form incredible partnerships, build a strong army, and work together to efficiently outwit your enemies?

Besides the alliance, players can also join different modes and engage in various one-on-one activities. Guild and PvP combat in the game. The game Guild and Tower Scramble allows up to 1,000 players to fight each other on a fiery battlefield.

Discover your own extraordinary story for you and your team in this flashy Action MMORPG! Freely utilize your abilities, including jumping & dashing, and aim to be the best and strongest in AVABEL ONLINE!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: AVABEL ONLINE v10.6.2
  • Category: Role-playing
  • Developer: Asobimo, Inc
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 6.0
  • Size: 67.1MB



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