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Based on the film Avatar, a humanistic survival story through the fantastical planet called Pandora, Avatar Reckoning is an open-world and third-person action game developed by two huge players in the game industry, Tencent and Disney. As a blockbuster game, Avatar Reckoning is a mix of stunning graphics and quality soundtracks. From the way they look to the creation of monsters and various characters, all of them have a very attractive charm that is just as impressive as the movie with the same name.

Is Avatar Reckoning going to be a really good product for gamers or just another low-quality game based on a movie, like we’ve seen before?

The Story

You will play as one of the blue-skinned residents who miss director Cameron’s time, and you will be part of a group of people who live on an oceanic tribe on the planet Pandora. The different social groups in this tribe live together in harmony and grow and learn in a peaceful way. However, when you go outside to study the land, you are suddenly attacked by a strange group of people from all directions. Because of that, the plane fell straight down. Then, you are suddenly rescued and brought back to life at a place where they study things, looking different than before.


Since it’s an open-world game from a third-person perspective, it’s not surprising that the character in the game is very massive, which you can see right from the detailed character editing. Everything, from your face to your body shape, is made to suit your personal preferences, allowing you to feel free and create a character that is unique compared to other players in a big world.

After going through some easy demonstrations, players will learn about the important parts of the game. In simple terms, the text means that on the battlefield, people can aim and use two basic weapons. They can also sit, crawl, and jump while moving. All of these actions are organized into simple control combinations on a user interface.

About weapons ⚔

Besides, a system of crafting weapons and tamed creatures will be opened and updated slowly as the story advances. You’ll be able moreover collect in extraordinary mission occasions with a really long list. Try your best to find the best and most appropriate items for your main character.

About game modes 🎮

The really cool boss fights in Avatar Reckoning are also something great about the game. Each fight has strong and awesome bosses in a big place, proving that traveling on the planet Pandora is always difficult. As well as the usual straightforward missions, the game also includes options to play with friends or compete against others, which adds more variety to the gaming experience. However, these options are not very different and need to be increased and made better.

About 4 characters 👱‍♂️

Players will need to pick a character job that has 4 different options to choose from: Guard, Combat Medic, Engineer, and Scout. They are good at different things and not good at other things, so they have four different ways of playing games that are specialized for each player:

  • The Guard will have a lot of health and armor, just like a terrorist character in the game.
  • The Engineer is able to help with guns and fix broken equipment. They can also bring in strong machine gun towers during a battle.
  • The Scout is an excellent sniper who has ninja-like abilities to move silently and quickly.
  • The Medic Support helps with healing, but can also fight on their own.

It’s time to jump into Avatar adventures beyond imagination! Download and traverse across this vast open world with ease!

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  • Latest Version: Avatar Reckoning v1.0.1.582.b582
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