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Avatar World: City Life is a play-and-learn game where you play as dolls in your own way, investigate the interesting and colorful world, and appreciate the energetic climate of exercises in an enormous city. This game is designed for children and grown-ups to play together, helping children learn and play in a safe and effective way.

Why Avatar World: City Life

There are countless casual games on mobile devices that kids can play and learn from. Each game focuses on a different real-life topic, and most of them are created to be like fun doll games. Children can pretend to be different dolls that are part of a community and have different roles. So, kids can learn how to act in life when they come across similar situations, learn how to use important things for daily tasks, and many other basic life skills.

Parents really like play-and-learn games, which they often choose, update, and download for their kids to play on their mobile or tablet. These games are considered a good and fun way to entertain children. The game Avatar World: City Life is part of the Avatar World series and is also popular on mobile devices. It will provide an additional clue to help your child learn about life gradually.

How To Play

✧ Play the role of a doll to explore the city

In Avatar World: City Life, both kids and adults can become cute cartoon characters and have fun living together in a modern city. Pick any character you like and make them your own. Then, you can go and explore the city. Imagine we are going on a fun trip with our friends from different parts of the world.  You can become part of the virtual city in the game by following a few easy steps, making friends with the interesting characters in the city, taking part in fun activities, and exploring all your favorite places.

✧ Navigate the outskirts

But there are more than just exciting things happening in the downtown area. There are also beautiful green towns outside the city called suburbs. Go on a picnic, camping trip, or outing with friends. Explore new places and enjoy playing games like treasure hunts, hide and seek, or collecting strange creatures.

✧ Do everything you like

Create your dream house. Make each room look nice so that you have a perfect place to come back to every day. Once you have a place to live, you can start buying things to put in your empty closets. Shopping at big malls, buying fancy and expensive clothes that take up a lot of space in the closets.

But no matter what you wear, it must be suitable. Living in the city means having many things to do. Do your job at home, exercise at the gym in the afternoon, have lunch with a friend, sing, eat, have fun, shop, read in the library, ride a bike in the park, and visit the zoo.

✧ Unveil fascinating adventure stories

When kids play Avatar World: City Life and make up their own stories, it will make their brains think and make them happy while playing a good game. And at the same time, it makes the brain wrinkles deeper, which helps the child’s ability to imagine, create, and design to become stronger. You always have a lot of fun with colorful stories, and they are always unique because of your creative imagination.

“The paper will sleep shallow, never know the matter want to practice.”Avatar World: City Life with total freedom of construction offers you a real-life world to practice your ideas and imagination. So download and create your own city now!

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