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Do you enjoy the movie Avatar and dream of going on a big and exciting adventure in East Asia?  Avatars Saga is a role-playing game that will impress you with its amazing and detailed design, similar to Avatar. Not a 3D version of Avatar set in the Western world but a unique adventure set in an oriental land full of vibrant colors and magic, Avatars Saga will bring you to a peaceful and free world, but it can also be dangerous…


Distinctive from the feeling of ferocity and threat from the beginning of the Avatar world in the film, the vast and mysterious land in Avatars Saga is peaceful and untouched, with a strong influence on oriental landscapes.

Carefully crafted scenery

You will see big trees in the thick forest, calm banyan trees, and a beautiful and lively landscape. Animals are moving around without any control in a place. Here, we have all four seasons, and each one has its special ecosystem, weather, and colors. There are very cold winters, cool springs, very hot summers, and pleasant autumns.

Magical scenes

Take a big breath and notice the different aspects of each season, like the weather and the energy of the animals and plants. You appear to enter a different world that is beautiful and has stunning views of nature. The pictures in Avatars Saga are so clever that there’s no need to copy the real world. The magical scenes in the game are unique and full of life. As soon as you enter that world, the exciting and fantastic adventure officially starts.

Key Features

🌌 Action RPG based on elemental magic

Avatars Saga is an action role-playing game that focuses on using magic related to different elements.

When you start, you can pick from 5 different classes. Every type of course has its own special thing, which could be light, darkness, fire, ice, or thunder. You were born with the power to control a strange element. You will go on an adventure to explore a mysterious land. Along the way, you will learn magic and how to use your elemental powers. Use the magic you’ve learned by yourself and all the skills you’ve gained to defeat each monster and bring peace back to the land that has welcomed you.

🐎 A stable of mounts

The magical land has a mysterious nature that gives you magical powers forever. However, it also provides the opportunity to see and enjoy the vibrant green color of the sky, the mountains, and exotic wild animals as pets. In the forest, there’s a chance you might befriend your mount that will always be by your side. In Avatar Land, the most beautiful scenes can come true. Do you want to have fun riding on the back of a giant panda as it flies across a green grass field? Keep in mind, this is a magical place where any dream can come true.

🙌 Endless interaction

In this huge world, even if you are aware, you cannot live forever if you are by yourself. An exciting adventure where Avatars Saga allows players to meet lots of friends in the land. Each thing has its own personality, tools, and abilities. Let’s create a group with them and then join the other groups in the world. Only after you do this, you will be able to battle against many different kinds of monsters that are causing chaos here, especially the powerful bosses.

Download now! Look at your content guide for advice before you start your adventures in Avatars Saga, or just choose a direction you like and let the adventure come to you!

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  • Latest Version: Avatars Saga v1.8.4.001
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  • Developer: TTHmobi
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  • Android Version: Android 5.1
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