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Backyard Parking – Stage Two v1.1 MOD APK(Unlocked Cars)

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Backyard Parking – Stage Two is a driving simulator with beautifully drawn 3D graphics and a detailed soundtrack, which is the second part of a 3D driving simulation game with the same name. The goal of the player in this game is to successfully “park the car” in different situations and missions. Thus, you will learn to park in such a great way that no difficulty will be a problem in the future. Get ready to become a really good driver!

Tips For You

Not every racing game is difficult and has lots of confusing tracks. Not all car games make you do different things. In Backyard Parking – Stage Two, everyone has the same goal but there are lots of fun things to do.

¤ Based on the physical computation

All driving experiences are created using only calculations done by computers. Imagine trying to control and park a car in real life. In the second stage of Backyard Parking, everything happens just like that. When you drive on the road, you have to follow the rules by not driving too fast and paying attention to signs. You should also only park in designated areas. When you park, you have to slow down, turn the steering wheel, put the car in the right gear, and adjust the wheels so that you can park without hitting or scratching other cars or running out of time.

¤ Finish varied parking tasks

You are often given challenging parking assignments, such as parking in tight spots, using ramps, and parking between two expensive cars within so limited time. So, you get a chance to demonstrate your excellent driving and parking abilities.

With over 50 difficult tasks that players need to complete, you will practice all kinds of challenges matching with a separate situation, requirement, and level of challenge. Most of the levels start off easy and then get harder, so there’s no need to worry. You’ll have plenty of time to get used to how everything works and adjust to different situations gradually. Eventually, you will discover that using touch, steering, and pressing the buttons on the car will become easy. If you complete harder tasks, you will earn more money, and you can unlock more cutting-edge cars and exclusive ones. Also, you can customize these cars as much as you want and join in even more interesting activities.

¤ Customize and upgrade

When talking about customizing and improving cars, Backyard Parking – Stage Two has a lot more upgrades than the first part. Now players have the option to design their ideal car by selecting different colors for the paint, choosing rims and tires, and even changing details like rearview mirrors. Based on how much money you have, you can make special changes to your car to make it one-of-a-kind when driving on the road. When you drive different vehicles, you will notice various ways of driving and parking in different parking lots. Customizing and decorating your car, as well as making modifications, can also bring many advantages to the game.

¤ Earn more

The issue will be how to complete the task fast and nicely in order to make the most money. Right now, the upgrade and customization will really inspire all players. Backyard Parking – Stage Two has many difficult tasks during the day that give you the opportunity to win special prizes that are worth a lot. These gifts can be special car parts or a lot of money that will help you improve your car later.

Roll up your sleeves and become a pro parker in this crazy-real simulation game that pays much attention to details!

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  • Latest Version: Backyard Parking – Stage Two v1.1
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