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Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse is a grand action game that will amaze you with its incredible, hand-drawn graphics. There is a strong and urgent feeling that beginners experience, similar to feeling very lonely and causing extreme worry. Become the leader of the beast army and rescue the world from destruction after the pandemic.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if instead of humans, there were only animals living together on a strange planet? If a pandemic happened there, how would the animals fight? What would the animals that survive look like, and how much more intense would their battles be compared to human wars? Do you have enough courage to go into the huge destroyed world in Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse?

The Plot

The post-apocalyptic world in this game is bigger and has a lot more for you to discover with almost 70 different maps and areas. The Apocalypse story is about a group called Delta, who are survivors on a planet and they are led by Major Pan. You will follow Major Pan and work together to fight, build, and do everything we can to save the planet. We will rebuild everything from the destroyed parts.

Building the planet is difficult because there is a serious virus that infects people. This horrible sickness has caused a lot of problems on Earth, making many people turn into aggressive and insane creatures. You have to be talented and strong enough to lead your team to survive till the end.

Fight for Survival & Build the World

In Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse, your main goal is to lead a group of survivors in fighting together, keeping the group safe, and fixing the land.

◆ Build a shelter

To stay alive, the team must first gather anything that is left and can still be useful. After that, you start making things, catching fish, saving water, and saving materials and resources. When you have enough food and drinks for a short time, you will gather your people to use the things that are there to make tools and begin making a place to live.

◆ Craft items

While you build the base, the group of brave warriors must also craft equipment. In the current world, enemies can come out when it is dark. They are wild animals with a dangerous virus. There are other forces or people who steal things on the planet. When dealing with different enemies, it’s important to have powerful weapons in your hands. You can use the powerful building system to create everything from a small shelter to an entire kingdom piece by piece.

◆ Create special base guards

After establishing a strong foundation, it is now important to concentrate on training and developing a highly skilled group that excels in combat, surpassing the original one. This group consists of special brave fighters, carrying strong weapons, and involved in important tactical groups. When you successfully train these special soldiers, you can feel safer during the survival process.

Special forces soldiers are chosen from the group of people who have survived. Each person has their own unique personality, skills, and appearance, which will help them work together and support each other in future battles.

◆ Make battle tactics

Slowly, you possess a group of soldiers ready for battle. Now, as a leader, you can freely change combat tactics based on the situation. Each soldier starts to show more characteristics, and you also learn more about your people, so the battle tactics also need to become deeper and more advanced. Playing Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse can be viewed as starting off challenging, but as you progress, the strategies become more advanced.

Let’s build and defend your post-apocalyptic team in Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse. Download to see if you’re able to reconstruct a thriving community in this harsh world!

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  • Latest Version: Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse v2.1.1
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: DAWINSTON
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  • Android Version: Android 7.0
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