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Welcome to the Bad End Theater, where you can choose your protagonist and explore a wide range of pathetic fates! With low-poly graphics of a stylized, pixel-based aesthetic, Bad End Theater is a puzzle-packed adventure game where you explore different stories in a theater. You will act as the characters and join in a journey to learn about their own fate. Each person in the story has a different story to tell, but the sad part is that all of their stories end tragically.

Characters in the theater have a job to entertain others and make their lives more enjoyable. They wear masks to tell meaningful stories about life. But under that disguise, they also have their own experiences and emotions that only a small number of individuals are aware of. Bad End Theater offers a real taste of the ups and downs of being a star…

Game Flow

Bad End Theater is a place where you can solve puzzle questions and discover lots of interesting surprises. So, you can support the characters to overcome their unlucky situations and create a happy ending. Depending on what the player chooses, the story can keep changing. This is also something that many people who love adventure games enjoy. They can create their own stories however they want.

📽 Choose the actors to perform tragedies

Bad End Theater brings you to a pretty theater where you can meet four different characters. You can pick any person to play the game. At first, you might feel stressed and puzzled by the big world around the main character’s life. After that, the whole game feels sad and dark. The sad outcomes faced by the characters can make you feel hopeless. But when you start feeling better, you will slowly notice problems and hints starting to show up.

📝 Decide who they are

Each character’s life goes in many different directions. So, there are many interesting puzzles and surprising changes in the story. You need to focus and pay attention to remember and connect the clues you found so that you can make the right decisions. There are many different paths, but they all lead to one ending. Every decision you make in one single story will affect the others. So, the fate of the characters relies on your choice.

🎉 Bad end theater with a happy ending

If you become familiar with how to play and understand the story, you will find the exciting stories and numerous surprising details of Bad End Theater very interesting. Once you solve the puzzles, you will slowly understand the story that belongs to you. And nobody wants the plot to end sadly. So, if the story becomes more complex, you have to be extra cautious to solve puzzles and remember clues. When things start to go well for the character, that’s when you’ll really get into playing this game.

The puzzles are carefully made by the publisher who did a lot of research and work on them. So, anything you see can help you solve your problems. But this can also make it difficult for players to solve important puzzles later, which can give them a headache. That’s why the game only has four characters, but players need to spend a long time to beat and pass all the challenges. Don’t worry, after you have successfully finished your character, you will realize that all the effort was worth it.

Even every path leads to a bad ending, do you wanna find a way to turn the table and save this unlucky cast?

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  • Latest Version: Bad End Theater v1.6.8
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer: NomnomNami
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
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