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Now, instead of watching wrestling with solid men, we can watch wrestling matches with powerful women. The champion of wrestling comes full circle with better graphics and smoother movements whilst creating a female wrestling empire that puts the fun first! Bad Girls Wrestling Game has a lot of different kinds of wrestling. It is more accurate to say that Bad Girls Wrestling Game is a type of Martial Arts game where we combine wrestling with fighting scenes from different martial arts like karate, kungfu, and taekwondo… With this free offline fighting game, anyone can become a champion female powerhouse.

Key Features

◈ Freely choose & customize

As soon as you start playing the game, you can right away do something you enjoy, which is to choose and personalize your character.

In the Bad Girls Wrestling Game, 33 hot girl wrestling girls are at your service. Just pick your favorite character based on how they look and what they do in the game from a fancy lady, a sexy bikini girl, to a superhero with strong determination. Each character in the game will have their unique abilities and abilities. Some are skilled at karate, while others enjoy enthusiastic boxing or doing flying kicks. You can also create your dream girl wrestler from hundreds of devastating moves and customization options.

◈ Freestyle martial arts wrestling

Freedom is an awesome feature of the Bad Girls Wrestling Game. When you are in the arena, no matter who you are fighting against, you can use all of your different skills to achieve one thing – defeating the person in front of you.

You stand in the middle of the ring while hundreds of fans cheer for you. Right now, don’t worry about anything else, just focus all your attention on the person you’re competing against. You should try hitting the opponent a few times first to figure out how they attack and what their strengths and weaknesses are. From that point, pick an appropriate fighting technique.

◈ Turn scripted matches into real fights

You can make many combinations by using various methods. These combinations will help you choose different ways to attack and create a unique battle strategy for your character to win creatively.

The characters not only know basic wrestling and martial arts, but they can also fight well on the streets. There are not many weapons, but there are a few things you can find during a fight that will make you stronger and quicker. There are many dangerous ways, but it’s important to choose the right place and time to use them.

◈ Various modes to fight

In Bad Girls Wrestling Game, you can either play by yourself while fighting robot characters offline or play with other people online in tournaments. There are 4 types of wrestling in martial arts. People who enjoy playing with others can pick either group karate styles or fighting in the gym. Otherwise, you can play these two types of fighting games one-on-one against other players or the computer. Decide based on what you want to achieve and what you like.

Every day when you come back to play the game, there will be new challenges, missions, and weekly arenas for you to complete. These matches are always interesting and have exciting surprises, bringing lots of excitement.

◈ Vivid 3D graphics

The stunning visuals in Bad Girls Wrestling Game will offer you a more immersive experience. The character moves gracefully and powerfully, reflecting their personal traits and resembling the elegance of women. Every time you press a button on the screen, the action happens right away and there are no delays or changes in the direction of the movement.

Get ready to embark on the fighting adventure where professional girl wrestling and martial fantasy collide!

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  • Latest Version: Bad Girls Wrestling Game v1.9.4
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  • Developer: Fighting Arena
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  • Android Version: Android 6.0
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