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Do you know bakso? Buy yours right now! Create your recipes, manage your inventory, hire the best staff, and build your business. Bakso Simulator is a funny game where you begin with a cart selling tasty baksos, a popular Indonesian meatball dish. Operate a company that specializes in making bakso using conventional methods and wisely wield your skills and the great flavor of your bakso, you grow your business and turn it into something more than just a regular job.

Game Flow

⇢ Start with a dining car

You’ll start with having a car that sells Bakso, which is a type of meatball made from various meats and served in soup, not fried. It’s not known if the job is passed down through generations or just a temporary trend, but it’s obvious that you’re meant for this meatball business. Even though it’s a tiny car, lots of people like it. Some individuals eat 2-3 bowls in one sitting. You need to make the specific meals that customers order to serve them.

⇢ Make delicious meals

Make your menu of meatballs more exciting by adding different sauces and soups that are tasty and freshly made. It needs to make enough money every day and every month to cover its expenses. Also need to consider hiring more helpers, supervisors, and paying for advertisements to grow the business.

By providing better meatballs, providing better service, and consistently doing community work, you will slowly improve your business’s reputation or position.

⇢ Change the business model

Eventually, you will need to lease a space closer to the city center and purchase additional basic tables and chairs in order to accommodate more guests. Nowadays, customers have a wider range of needs than before. It is not enough to just watch and let yourself lose your advantage. That’s why you should include various kinds of meatballs in your menu and use fresh and delicious spices to make them better, which can help you attract more customers.

Bakso Simulator also has other fun stuff besides the main story: after working really hard for a while, you can finally buy your own house. After you finish your work for the day, you can unwind by decorating the inside of your house with full customization.

⇢ Move to a new concern

There is a time when models sold by the side of the road cannot be sold anymore. You need to consider joining forces with a long-time friend to start a business selling meatballs. Since that time, our workload has increased greatly and we have been feeling more stressed and anxious.

Additionally, it is important to be mindful of the specific town or city in which you are conducting your business. Being kind, paying attention, and assisting many people in solving their issues to make a positive impact on the community.

⇢ Without time constraints, relax and play at your own pace

The story of Bakso Simulator will have more unexpected elements than you anticipate. This text helps you understand the different steps in the meatball business’s growth. It tells you about the stories of the people in the town. Each time a new challenge arises, you discover fresh excitement in the game.

Remember that when you are making meatballs, you need to find ways to handle flies, thieves, and even the ghosts that wander around the town. This game has a lot of imaginary things in it, but because of that, you always find it fun, fresh, and not easy to guess.

Will your brand offer overrated favor basko in a thriving shop or provide ordinary basko from sidewalk emporiums? It’s all up to you! Customize and construct your basko shop and take it all the way to the huge leagues!

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  • Latest Version: Bakso Simulator v1.7.4
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  • Developer: Akhir Pekan Studio
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