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Set around the Southeast Asian war front, Bamboo Warrior is an action game where historical battles meet Asian classics.  And you a Bamboo Warrior showed up, who is willing to bravely battle against the invading armed forces. This appealing epic setting inside the common circumstances of World War II will fascinate its players from the primary scene. With the rustic, simple but exceptionally amusing gameplay, Bamboo Warrior will bring you to an explosive pulp adventure.


During World War II, the chaos and confusion on the European battlefield with the many different modern weapons and vehicles being used caused brown dirt to red blood from the endless war.

There was another old-fashioned battlefield, not as modern but equally tough and intense – Southeast Asian countries, which were not as advanced as the West, used various tactics like guerrilla warfare and infiltrating enemy ranks. Guerrilla warfare has helped many countries win great battles. It made the Western invaders go away and never come back. They completely gave up and ran away from their plan to invade important lands in Southeast Asia. And Bamboo Warrior is just based on this special guerrilla war context.

Game Features

Bamboo Warrior offers players unlimited fun with a bunch of intense fights using a simple and easy-to-understand viewpoint from above. This is a true war, but also a lengthy journey of the bamboo warrior character. You will be the most important leader of all the countries in Southeast Asia that are resisting foreign invaders from the West.

◦ Based on heroic history

Players get tasks to work together with government leaders. You will visit many different national battlefields one after another to fight against enemies from other countries. Sometimes, there is a war where one side is stronger or has an advantage, making it unfair. In these cases, there may be no solution or way to escape from the situation. Sometimes, Bamboo Warrior’s story can make you tear up when you think about how brave his people were in battle.

◦ Typical guerrilla play

With guerrilla warfare at its core, Bamboo Warrior carries out numerous stealth events to provide players with various chances to vanquish their foes. Keep in mind, that you’re put in an unequal war circumstance, whereas your foes with a lot of weapons, ammo, and progressed items, and you only have a bayonet, a spear, and a hatchet. At first, the bamboo warrior will begin exceptionally humbly like that.

But, a special secret weapon provided is your understanding of the land or area you are in. The young fighter can also pretend by putting mud on himself and wearing trees and leaves on his head to hide and blend in with nature, staying safe and unseen in bushes and trees alongside the road. If you keep fighting like a guerrilla, victory will come slowly but surely to the player who doesn’t give up.

◦ Impressive storytelling

Bamboo Warrior is also inspired by well-known real events from history. Bamboo Warrior is a game that brings back old memories with its pixel art, it has cool blood effects, and the story is easy to understand and heartfelt.

Have you experienced the strong national pride and determination of the bamboo warrior’s adventure? The Bamboo Warrior showcases the unwavering love for their country by each nation involved, with a lot of situations that make people feel emotional and Indignant.

◦ Precious Level of ever-rising difficulty

Bamboo Warrior is split into different levels, and the difficulty of Bamboo Warrior increases dramatically as the levels increase. The higher the level, the more it encourages players to be creative in combat. You will always have your unique method of handling and getting rid of every enemy, which is completely different from other players.

Who will be the deadliest bamboo warrior and the war-ender? It’s time for you to make a decision!

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