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You’ve probably heard about the Demon King game on mobile many times. This time, you will be a demon king who is in love with someone, and become the lord of hell once more. The game called Bankrupt Demon King is a role-playing game that brings you to this miracle adventure. It may seem normal at first, but if you pay attention to the story, you will notice funny moments in every moment. Devour as many as demons to grow, evolve, and become the Demon King of hell now!


In Bankrupt Demon King, you will be a beginner Demon King who is being considered for the throne to rule the whole scary underworld. You will be in charge of managing all the minions to bring back the Demon King’s castle’s wealth and beauty. If you complete these two tasks, you will go back to living as a human because you used to be a boss at a big company. This company is about to go bankrupt. A big mistake happened and now your soul is suddenly in the body of the Demon King of Hell.

It looks like you’re going through bankruptcy. When you were a person, your company ran out of money and was unable to pay its debts. Furthermore, you also exchange spirits. Even if you end up in hell, you’ll find out that the Demon King’s Castle, which you’re in charge of rebuilding, is also very close to going bankrupt. This means it could shut down any day because of a lot of money owed. Could it be that the reason the Demon King got away and now resides within your soul?

Key Features

✨ 3D graphics of anime style

Bankrupt Demon King uses cool and detailed anime-like 3D graphics for all its updates and improvements. Even though this game doesn’t focus much on the visuals, the details, the battle screens, customization, upgrades, and the cool attack moves in the game can make you happy. As for the Demon King and the castle, everything is colorful and easy to move around in.

🕹 One-handed control

Bankrupt Demon King is a game that can be played on a vertical screen. It also has a feature called flexible auto-battle, which allows you to control the game using just one hand.

All you have to do is move to the left and right to help the character avoid the enemy. The Demon King will automatically attack in all situations where you face them. There are a lot of dishonest people trying to stop you from getting out of bankruptcy and regain control of your castle. This journey is not simple, but you need to try your best, otherwise, you will prevent yourself from returning to earth.

🌥 Cozy idle play

When you defeat a certain number of enemies, you will move up to a higher level, which will give you access to random skills that can help you fight the enemy better. Leveling up means that your power, ability to defend yourself, and ability to keep going for longer periods all get better and more obvious. At the beginning of the game, don’t worry about getting money. Instead, concentrate on making your character stronger as fast as you can.

You will become stronger and be prepared to handle any enemies that come your way. Now, when you have a strong “barrier” to protect you, you can easily gather items or money without any worries.

👐Multiplayer chaos

If you don’t want to go solo, you can compete against other players by using the worldwide leaderboard in Bankrupt Demon King. In Bankrupt Demon King, players will try to get the highest scores to become the wealthiest person in the hell world.

Now the old king is dead, long live the new hell king! Download to show us whether you’re strong enough to release your inner fire in Bankrupt Demon King.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Bankrupt Demon King v19.32
  • Category: Role-playing
  • Developer: EOAG Games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
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