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Barbarous: Tavern Wars is a tavern simulation game of engaging gameplay where you play as a Medieval tavern manager. The setting of the game is a bit unusual, and you will be amazed because you never expected a game about running a tavern could be so thrilling. Develop your recipes that make your tavern stand out from the fierce competition, provide efficient customer services so that the guests keep coming back, and interact with the in-game characters to even stumble upon love in this tavern!


In the last part of the game, we learned about Emyr, a lovely person who runs an inn. She and her group of friends owned and operated a place where people could eat and drink in a medieval land. Emyr has proven to be a strong female manager because she is exceptionally skilled at managing and making important business decisions. She also faces a lot of other restaurants that are always watching and examining every success of her tavern. McArthus is a famous and important person in the industry. But instead of being known for his skill, he is famous for being a mean player who always tries to cheat his opponents.

One day, McArthus came unexpectedly to Emyr’s tavern and asked to challenge her to a duel. Do you want to take on this unpredictable challenge? It might change how the people around you feel, especially the relationship you have with a genuine young man from your area who you are starting to have feelings for.

Classic Gameplay With New Elements

Many mobile players already know how to play the restaurant simulation game. But Barbarous: Tavern Wars is a completely different and unique experience.

Your main goal

Here your main task is to manage your time, handle the restaurant, and finish various tasks at each level within a specific time period, by which you will ensure your customer’s constant flow. You will become famous and well-known as the most popular place to drink and eat nearby piece by piece.

• Some small details

The theme may seem ordinary, but what makes Barbarous: Tavern Wars interesting are the small details. How the characters in the game think about love, what they want to do in the future, and what they have to do for their families… Barbarous: Tavern Wars is a game that puts the player in the middle of a lot of twists and turns where they have to make hard decisions. It tests not only their ability to run a business and keep customers satisfied but also challenges them to handle different situations and balance their personal lives.

• You, the Mediaeval Tavern Manager

Emyr faced a lot of problems at the start of the game before reaching the current position and achieving good results. But in this second part, with tough competition, everything became more exciting and enjoyable.

• Do everything by touching

To fill your role, you need to cleverly mix the elements in the game using your hands in the right way by touching to create the correct beverages and meals that customers have requested at the eatery.

• Complete attractive tasks

Finishing main tasks like recruiting new employees, teaching them how to work, dealing with problems at the restaurant, being careful with time to keep customers happy, and choosing to improve the drinks, food, and places for eating. In Barbarous: Tavern Wars, there are new fun things to do. You can create new dishes, pretend to be a chef, and learn how to run a tavern.

• Deal with emotional crisis

At the same time, you need to fix all the management problems mentioned earlier, think about how you relate to others, and deal with family problems that involve emotional crisis. Sometimes you might feel trapped in the chaotic world of Barbarous: Tavern Wars, but that’s exactly what makes the game so attractive.

Download to build a real oasis of a tavern in medieval chaos and be forever marked with golden letters in history!

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  • Latest Version: Barbarous: Tavern Wars v1.3
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