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There is a game that helps you take part in a dangerous sport in a fun and exciting way. It is shown in many different situations, places, and moments, making it very appealing. Base Jump Wing Suit Flying is a thrilling sports game that provides immense joy and excitement. Base Jump Wing Suit Flying developed by BoomBit Games allows you to fly around freely, just like you do in your dreams. The game is tiny, but it offers a full sense of freedom.


Before the Wright brothers discovered something like modern airplanes, people dreamt of flying in the sky like birds. There have been lots of things invented but they didn’t work. Many imitate the shape and movement of bird wings, which are connected to the body along with other supporting tools. Sadly, people have always wanted to fly using wings.

To make that dream come true, people have made a very exciting sport called Wing Flying. You have small wings that help you move, and you are taken up high in the air. Then, you let yourself fall freely. Fly using your wings to guide yourself and experience the ultimate feeling of freedom that will last a lifetime.

What You Can Do

Set in a bustling and vibrant cityscape, or grand natural landscape, Base Jump Wing Suit Flying thrusts you into the role of an extreme sportsman. You start off from a high spot and each level has a different landscape, sky, and surroundings. From up there, you use your arms to spread out your small wings, and then you dive into the endless depths of space. You start directing your wings to fly through space the way you want.


※ Experience the most exciting but dangerous sport

When you play Base Jump Wing Suit Flying, all you have to do is use the suit to move back and forth so that the athlete can have the longest and safest flying time. When you come down from a very high place while flying, you will see many interesting places and scenes one after the other. Look, chill, spread your wings, and soar, fly for as much time as possible.

Flying down from a snowy mountain, looking at the sky covered in white snow falling all around, descending towards the blue ocean while observing the sunny, transparent water. You can also jump off a tall cliff to experience a thrilling and intense moment. Every place and situation has its own difficulties and things that make you happy.

※ Free to fly in the sky

Base Jump Wing Suit Flying doesn’t have any competitions. It’s just you, free to fly, beat your own records, and experience the thrill of flying. Whenever you successfully make a long and safe flight, you will earn a large amount of points. This score will be changed into cash. Money is used to pay for new wing upgrades and to access different environments to play in. The game keeps getting bigger, so players can have fun for a longer time.


※ Upgrade wings for more experience

There are different kinds of wings used in Base Jump Wing Suit Flying. Every kind will have its unique style, shade, and details. Each set of wings will give different experiences and outcomes when flying. It’s not always about doing what you like the most; however, you gain more diverse experiences by trying out different types of wings.

With breathtaking visuals and immersive gameplay, Base Jump Wing Suit Flying will offer you an unparalleled encounter of free fly and self-discovery. Are you prepared to push the limits and fly through the world as you see fit?

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Base Jump Wing Suit Flying v2.5
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: BoomBit Games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 7.0
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