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BASEBALL 9 is an enjoyable and athletic sports game that you can play on your mobile now. This really realistic baseball game with its fast gameplay and clever, charming touch will give you endless enjoyment and hours of engaging experience.

Get your glove and your bat, and it’s time to have fun playing baseball with the greatest players ever as BASEBALL 9 is here and it’s where the famous legends compete. In addition to competitive sports games that need skill and knowledge, it is also a sports game that is just meant to be fun.

Game Features

✧ Simple and easy controls

BASEBALL 9 is a baseball game with quite easy-to-learn controls that allow every player to throw a fastball or hit a home run with ease. The rules of BASEBALL 9 are simplified and explained at the start of the game. After reading it carefully, you understood it easily and now you are not scared to join the game. You don’t have to play for a long time with its fast-paced and simple gameplay.

✧ Full customization

All the characters in BASEBALL 9 have a cute and small design called chibi style. The body is small, the shape is a little awkward, and the head is large but not excessively large. Just seeing how the character looks makes you feel glad. A fun game that starts off well seems to be doing well.

When you start playing BASEBALL 9, you can first choose how your baseball player looks, with a lot of fun tools that you can use to make it your own style.

  • Your sports style: You have the option to pick a new name and switch your position in the team to either a batter or a pitcher on the left or right side, and adjust how you hit or throw the ball to match your playstyle.
  • Your appearance: If you like, you can also make the face look different and choose how the face and body look, as well as clothes and things like shirts, pants, and gloves.
  • Your team: You have a few extra choices to connect better and make your team more unique. For instance, picking a team name, selecting a logo, changing the team’s clothes, picking a favorite stadium, and using a notebook to keep track of everyone’s progress on the team.

✧ Dramatic and high-realistic sports

BASEBALL 9 combines simulation outcomes using real game statistics. Players can sense the speed of the game, the intense heat coming from the crowd, the physical response of the ball and glove when throwing or catching, and the excitement of running to home base. This game is fast and smooth, and it doesn’t take too long to play, which is enough for you to make important plays and experience intense attacks while playing on the court.

Plus, with eye-popping visuals for everything from characters to stadiums, you will experience dramatic and high-realistic adventure in BASEBALL 9.

✧ Build up a World League team

A good baseball team needs to have a sufficient number of players, and each individual performs their role effectively on the field, cooperating with their teammates. Hire talented players and keep developing your team to eventually become champions of the league.

At the same time, players will be placed in positions based on their skills and then sent to the game. As they keep improving and achieving certain goals, their statistics will become impressive and they will become professional athletes.

There’s no feeling better than going up to the plate, with the audience cheering, and crushing the ball far into the left field! Download and play what the pros play! Don’t miss this chance to make your baseball dream come true.


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  • Latest Version: BASEBALL 9 v3.2.3
  • Category: Sports
  • Developer: playus soft
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
  • Size: 208.0MB



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