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Bash the Teacher is a casual game made by Digi-Chain Games and it is available on your mobile for free now. In this game, you will act as a student and use funny tricks to win against your teacher.  Bash the Teacher is a fun engaging educational game made for people who have negative feelings towards their teachers at school. Every time you are being mistreated by school teachers and cannot find a way to unleash your inner anger. The way you play this game is easy but really interesting, which will be different from any game you have played before.


A Word From Our Team

Bash the Teacher. made a lot of people angry and upset because it disrespected teachers and their jobs. Several countries have put limitations on this game in order to keep many teachers and their teaching careers safe. So, if you decide to play this game, remember to act responsibly and show respect to the people involved in the profession. Please think of it as only a game. Do not act out anything from the game in real life. That would be rude and not allowed.

Game Flow

This game requires approximately 1.5 hours to finish. I understand that many people just leave the game running without doing anything, but it is actually beneficial for everyone to actively play the game. Every teacher has a variety of videos that they use when they get angry, which are adorable and hilarious.

At the beginning of the game, you will see a teacher standing on a raised platform in a classroom. Your job is to throw things at the teacher while they are teaching. If you make them very annoyed until the class is over, you will be the winner.

• All tricks no treats

Playing tricks on your teacher will not be easy to do because with decades of teaching and getting used to the destructive pranks of students, they will not let you beat them simply. Occasionally, the teacher will suddenly turn you down, if you catch the prank you are doing, you will be kicked out of the class and game over! Only you have fast reaction speed and accurate positioning skills, can you do well in this game.

• Choose a weapon

In Bash the Teacher, naughty students can use anything in the classroom to hurt the teacher. Different weapons work better than others when trying to beat teachers. The things are put on the scoreboard with various numbers of points. To get the best score, you need to use the correct tool or item at the right moment to win against the teacher.

You can get new things as you go up in levels. This makes you want to continue playing so you can get new things and reach the highest score. In the beginning, you will have little pieces of paper, and later on, a book. Eventually, if you want to, you can throw stones at the people who are your teachers.

• Ruin everything in the classroom

Yes, the unlucky teachers who come to this school bring things like a model globe, a desk clock, or a fan, as well as a pet that they keep on the writing board. And, of course, the mischievous students targeted all of them.

In the game Bash the Teacher, you can make the teacher fall down by attacking them, their things, or their pets. When teachers see that students have been mean to them and their favorite things are ruined, they will start crying in the middle of class. You can observe their very fascinating emotions.

Download now! It’s time to show the teacher who is in charge of the classroom in this funny idle-clicker game!

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  • Latest Version: Bash the Teacher! v1.6.2
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