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Basketball Battle is a funny sports game where you can experience hoops culture, and appreciate a load of limitless customized options in your basketball career. Playing Basketball Battle can also help you feel more at ease after you finish your work or studying because it’s fun to see the players’ looks and how they snatch and lift the ball to win, which will be a fun and exciting addition to your sports gaming experience.


Key Features

☞ Easy to play

The controls in Basketball Battle are also pretty easy for everyone to have fun at any time, whether you’re really good at basketball or just starting out, or even if you don’t know anything about basketball and just want to have fun. You can easily control your character on the basketball court with just a few buttons on the screen and simple actions like dragging, clicking, and touching.

☞ Fun style basketball game

You might have played cartoon-like sports games before, and this way allows developers to have more freedom to be creative. Characters are a combination of different shapes and expressions, and the situation they are in during a fight can be different. The funny way of speaking or acting is very funny, making the people playing laugh a lot. If you enjoy basketball and want to see a silly cartoon version of the game, you should try playing Basketball Battle.

☞ More responsive gameplay

You can enjoy more responsive gameplay in Basketball Battle with a highlight on seamless mechanics and attention to detail. However, to be successful in 1v1 matches, it is important to use moves that combine different actions together. To hit the ball, you have to use good footwork, speed up, and guide the ball towards the opponent’s basket. If you do this thing smoothly, you will easily score amazing goals and get lots of money after each level. If you win 3 times in a row, you will receive a special star called the “Star of Glory”. After you collect the star, the game becomes harder and the basketball player you control becomes stronger.

☞ Tons of unlockables

Expect to have fun with lots of unadulterated action, there are tons of choices to make your players unique in Basketball Battle, allowing you to gather a bunch of awesome superstars and create the best team ever. You can use points to upgrade your players, by getting new clothes, buying sneakers, or buying new balls. When you reach a certain level, you will be able to unlock new players and begin your journey towards improving your basketball skills.

☞ Versatile game modes

  • The main game mode in Basketball Battle is competing one-on-one with other players online or against a computer player.
  • Furthermore, the game also offers numerous fresh activities each day, captivating you with thrilling competitions against players from all over the globe. Every event will have a scoreboard on the internet, and if you achieve a high position in the leaderboard, you will experience cool new upgrades and unlocks.

Whether you are online, offline, or inviting your friends to play basketball with you, you can have a great time playing Basketball Battle. Playing this game with a friend who has the same sense of humor as you and loves to be funny is sure to be really enjoyable.

☞ 150+ tournaments

With almost 150 tournaments of depth and authenticity, Basketball Battle currently has a different place to play in each tournament and a different level of difficulty. In every game, you will use different strategies based on the player you control and who you are playing against. With many tournaments available, you will have numerous chances to try out your basketball strategy.

Download now and grab your squad to encounter the hoops culture in Basketball Battle!


Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Basketball Battle v2.4.4
  • Category: Sports
  • Developer: DoubleTap Software
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • Size: 53.8MB



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