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Basketball Club Story is a basketball manager simulator of beautifully rendered pixel art where you can hire basketball players, train them to play against other teams in big and small competitions, and aim to become the best team in the world. Be the basketball manager of the moment and leave your showy mark by running your own dynasty. Use the management tools in Basketball Club Story to control and lead your team to final success.

Game Flow

With complete control over decision-making, you can choose how your team will grow and create new buildings for the club. Then, using the skills, resources, technology, and materials that are available to you, you can mix, change, and come up with new ideas as you work through each part of the process. After that, put your team’s picture, reputation, and strong points in a good position. The main aim is to increase the team’s skills and possibilities, step by step take your club to higher levels, and win the world championship.

① Create your cutting-edge basketball team

The fun mode of collecting cards of basketball stars comes back loaded with endless hours of enjoyment. You can make your own basketball team by choosing any player you want, creating a strong team that can learn quickly, and beginning to compete with basketball teams from all over the world.

② Couch and upgrade your club

  • At first, you don’t have much money to begin with, you can only hire average players or young players with potential. Include them in the group and have them be part of training sessions that start off easy and gradually become more difficult. Afterward, take them to nearby competitions. The club team will become stronger by training at their home soccer field and playing against other teams, which will help them gain experience and make the most of each player’s abilities.
  • When your team is well-known and respected, it can bring you more rewarding prizes, extra money, and sponsors. Don’t forget to hire better coaches to improve how the team looks. Also, make sure to update your team’s equipment with newer and larger options.

③ Increase the financial potential

One of the important tasks of a basketball team manager is to contact and sign contracts with sponsors. By building a good reputation and consistently being successful, you can get more sponsors in the future. You decide if your partner can support you financially and decide on the type of contract to sign with others. If you can keep this sponsorship contract and extend it for many periods, you will get a lot of rewards from the game.

④ Make unique strategies

You get to manage your team and also coach them during matches in Basketball Club Story where you will organize the team and find out each person’s skills to make smart choices about the game plan against each team we play against. In every competition, the ways to win can always be different. Assist your team in winning every game and become a beloved team in no time. At the same time, showcase your deep understanding of basketball moves with dribble combo controls and revamped interior defense for more rewarding skill & strategy-based actions and effectiveness.

⑤ Connect with fans

It is essential for a manager to keep a connection between fans and the club. The team’s good reputation will slowly bring in more and more local fans. You can also make lots of fans by doing things in the community. When more fans join, it will make the club more well-known and powerful. From there, it indirectly influences the effect of asking for sponsorship above, while also making the entire team happy, which can also result in more impressive achievements. So how will you respond to all the fan’s expectations?

Are you ready to be up to the task of leading your team to the top of the world? Put on your basketball manager’s suit and show me now!

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  • Latest Version: Basketball Club Story v1.3.9
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  • Developer: Kairosoft
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  • Android Version: Android 5.1
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