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Battle Cats Quest v1.0.6 MOD APK(Unlocked Skins)

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Welcome to Battle Cats Quest, a cat action game with casual elements where you can become the legendary cat king with strong sovereignty in the vivid cat world through various funny competitions. Only the ones who are brave enough to protect their land from other animals and defeat them can become the most powerful and become the King of the cats!


😺 Cat games never go out of fashion

Out of all the pets people have, cats are the ones that are loved the most, and a cat can be sweet and friendly, yet also clever and wise like an older person. Many people have mixed feelings about cats because they are both loved and cherished, but also cause confusion with their contradictory behavior.

If you want a fun cat game that is similar to the one mentioned above, with weird but simple gameplay and can be played for fun at any time and place, you should give Battle Cats Quest a try.

Key Features

You, a cat that is white in color with soft thick fur, and and when you curl up, you look tidy and beautiful like a ball. In Battle Cats Quest, all you have to do is find a way to beat everyone trying to invade your island and become the king of the cats.

✨ Simple controls to win

You can either get closer to the coffee, push the opponent away, or roll into a ball and make the opponent leave the territory. You will do whatever it takes to keep your land safe and prevent anyone from taking it over. Be careful when you push your cat friend and other animals off the island. Make sure to do it slowly, or you might accidentally fall into the sea too.

🐾 Potential danger & endless foes

But beware, the cat world is also dangerous, and a meow-tiny is nigh as the hordes of foes are trying to hunt you down. Your challenge as the future King of Cats is not just facing 1-2 unfriendly animals but also dealing with a large number of animal opponents from outside. But over time, as they progress, they will improve in both how good they are and how many there are.

The good thing here is that each animal that comes after will be stronger, taller, and much scarier with a lot more energy. More and more animals are appearing and coming for you in great numbers to challenge your kingdom.

😻 Unique skins

How can you handle a lot of enemies and make them leave the island? Rolling our feline friend alone is not enough anymore. Cats come in different shapes, sizes, and colors with unique skins. Combine kinds of Cat skins create your own unique power and defend the destruction! You must gather a lot of skins for the Cat, with each cat skin coming with a unique ability. The more times you use the rollover, the stronger it will become, which also means you will earn more points and have a better chance of winning.


🏝 New islands for you

When you get to a certain point or stage, you will be able to access new islands. You’re still working on your mission in these new locations. Getting rid of all enemies brings back peace to the islands. Slowly, you will take control over the large world of cats and become the famous ruler of all cats. Feel free to choose where to begin your new settlement and customize your island to your liking.

Get ready to embark on a colorful adventure filled with furr-iously gameplay. Download and dive into a new cat world now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Battle Cats Quest v1.0.6
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: PONOS Corporation
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • Size: 49.5MB



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