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Battle Prime is an intense and tactical shooting game that depicts a modern world. How long has it been since you started playing an exciting shooting game with amazing graphics on your mobile phone? If you’re looking for a different experience from the usual shooting games and want to enjoy high-quality graphics on consoles, give Battle Prime a try.

Game Highlights

✦ TPS with console standard graphics

Battle Prime is a fast game where players shoot each other online. The first thing that is different is the picture. Battle Prime has really good graphics that are enjoyable to play with. The picture has been made with high-quality graphics for video game consoles. This includes how the characters, backgrounds, weapons, movements, environment, and combat look in the game.

✦ Realistic immersive shooting

Battle Prime gets you pumped up right from the start with its lifelike graphics, intense battlefield sounds, and realistic scenarios. You can easily control the character in a flexible way. You have full control of the character and can demonstrate your strength with special abilities and powerful weapons. Battle Prime is a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat with exciting action scenes that feel just like the real deal.

The sensation of shooting in this game is very lifelike. Running posture refers to how someone runs. It is important because it affects how well they can handle things in their environment and how they can hide or attack. They can hide by finding good places to hide, or they can quickly rush up to their enemy. All different ways of fighting are available and there are enough resources for you.

✦ High-risk & high-reward

Completing each level will give you rewards like valuable items, new weapons, skills, and sometimes even new characters. Moreover, it also brings you closer to achieving the Prime title, which means becoming an unstoppable Agent. Battle Prime is a game where you show how good you are in lots of battles and events with tons of unlockables.

✦ Incarnate Agent, free to fight your way

Battle Prime is a game that gives you the freedom to do anything you want, as long as you reach the main goal. In Battle Prime, you get to be a super-skilled warrior called an Agent. You can do lots of cool moves, shoot really well, and have your own special way of fighting. You will have a big gun that can shoot powerful bullets and cause a lot of damage. Use it to begin the fight, and have fun with different ways to play the game. And in every way, you can choose the most impressive way to do the job. If you want to attack, don’t be scared to move forward and face the enemy with the best weapons and attack quickly so they can’t react. People who prefer to move carefully and slowly use their surroundings to hide. They use a combination of shooting from a concealed position and guerrilla tactics to eliminate enemies one at a time before getting rid of the entire enemy army.

✦ Action-packed multiplayer

Battle Prime is a really fast game where you shoot at other players online. You can test your skills against people from all over the world. However, since each player has different likes and dislikes, Battle Prime has created different game modes for each period. This way, everyone can pick and enjoy the mode that best matches their preferences.

  • 6v6 mode: Join a group and work together with your friends to fight against enemies in this game mode.
  • Royale battlefield: Play an intense battle game where only one person can survive till the end at each level.

Download and join the battlefield alone or in a group – with your gear, glory, and volition now.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Battle Prime APK v10.2
  • Category: Shooter
  • Developer: Press Fire Games Limited
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 6.0
  • Size: 2.1GB



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