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Battle Towers is a tower defense strategy game of a fantasy style, which is easy and free for anyone to pick up. With its colorful chibi character designs and thrilling multiplayer gameplay, Battle Towers takes your skill, patience, and strategic ability to master while keeping infinite replayability which ensures every round of the game is unique. More spontaneity and variety await.

What’s Tower Defense?

Tower Defense is a massively popular type of game on mobile devices due to its easy controls, and clear screens, and you can also play it while doing other things. The basic rule is to use everything you have to protect your side’s place from attacks by enemies who are not part of your group. If you’ve played a lot of tower defense games and want something different and exciting, try Battle Towers with endless fun.


👾Crazy chaos

The magical land was calm and had different types of creatures coexisting. People, elves, orcs, and even dragons agreed that water from rivers should not contaminate water from wells. For some unknown reason, the orcs have suddenly gone mad and want to break the normal rule and climb to power over the world. They went everywhere, making every place flat, and constantly attacked the forts of all groups. Every type of animal had to cooperate to find a method to fight the aggressive Orcs, win against the intruders, and bring back peace to the world.

🚩You, the leader

But first, we need someone who is really skilled and brave to guide, plan, and lead the whole army made up of people from different races in this big war, and you are the one at this critical moment. As a leader, you will have a strong and important tool at your disposal. These things can be changed to fit what the player wants for each fight and how they want to protect themselves. You are the person in charge and have the power to lead and organize all the different military groups, with the responsibility to protect the castle using your own plan.

Versatile Gameplay

Battle Towers is more than just a regular Tower Defense game, which combines fighting and attacking, by controlling many different species, units, and support vehicles. The journey is so long and your path is treacherous but there’s no need to worry about it. If your team fails, you can restart stronger and wiser on your next playthrough with greater starting collections and strategies to overcome the upcoming danger.

☆ Two-stage mission

Your mission can be divided into two parts:

  1. Mobilize troops – Every species including regular soldiers, as well as archers, magicians, and strong leaders, sends its strongest fighters to fight in a war, and each group of warriors has unique abilities, forms, and ways of fighting. You have to figure out their strengths and weaknesses and allocate them in the right spots to attack from a distance, up close, and in a coordinated way.
  2. Upgrade & customize the tank – Tanks are great fighting machines that help you protect your base and have a high attack ability, allowing players to both defend and attack at the same time. You can also change and improve it in different ways. As you keep fighting, you will earn a lot of extra points. This point is used to purchase extra things for vehicles, like accessories, weapons, and improved engines, which helps increase their damage, make them look more aggressive, and have better stamina.

☆ Fine-tune your strategy

Each time you put a group of soldiers in different places in a tank and use the tank’s weapons, you come up with a new strategy to attack and defend. The soldiers have different numbers and include different types of soldiers. There are many different ways to play Battle Towers loaded with infinite strategies.

Download and enjoy the fresh look and feel of the tower defense game with a brand-new depth of experience now. Stay alert and never stop, you can break through!

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  • Latest Version: Battle Towers v0.9.4
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Ely Anime Games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 6.0
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