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BattleBox is a survival open-world multiplayer shooter developed by ChaloApps. Even though BattleBox is a shooting game, it’s actually quite amusing because of the funny way the characters look and the unique way they fight, and sometimes the enemies even take the form of a wooden horse. BattleBox’s battlefield is also about more than just fighting, where you can enjoy endless fun and massive tricks with your weapons and vehicles to make your battles really exciting. When you play the game, you will likely comprehend and enjoy the idea of shooting in a humorous way.


Key Features

🕹 Easy to control

When you begin playing BattleBox, after choosing the game mode, you will be given some starting fighters. Layout control means having control over the way things are arranged or organized. Full display refers to showing all of the necessary indicators, which are signs or symbols used to convey information.

  • On the top left side, there’s a column showing blood, a kit for emergencies, and a chat box for communicating with other players in multiplayer mode. Here is the button you can use to navigate.
  • In the center of the screen, there is a timer counting down.
  • There are weapons on the right, like guns, bullets, bombs, and grenades.

Most of what the player needs to see and control is shown on one screen. This makes it simple for people who are new to join.

🏜 Sandbox-style Set

BattleBox is a world that promotes the idea of being creative and having the ability to do whatever you want. Imagine this: You are very focused on a target, but there is a player behind you who is trying to distract you by acting silly, like a clown, or you have the option to pilot a plane and swoop down on someone else’s soldier, scaring them so much that they run away, and you can do all of this without actually shooting, just for the sake of enjoyment… Situations like this will happen all the time. When there are more games to choose from, BattleBox becomes even more enjoyable to play.

BattleBox intentionally went in this direction because of its sandbox texture and the way it shapes and designs gameplay. We want all players to use their creativity and be as wild as they want.

🎆 Versatile game modes for all needs

With three special game modes that meet all the needs of gamers in BattleBox, battles never stop!

  1. Sandbox mode allows for unrestricted creativity, and you can rule the world in this game. You can shoot anything you want, make lots of things on the map, make your enemies and obstacles based on how good you are, and have fun playing the shooting game in the world you create yourself.
  2. Deathmatch mode allows you to play with other people online. In this mode, you can shoot at and be shot by other players on the game screen.
  3. In team battle mode, work together with other players to create a group of powerful warriors to fight against another team of players.

💣Epic Weaponry

To survive longer in battle, you need to shoot enemies, drive vehicles, and use helpful items and each type has its own features and abilities. Guns or grenades, and in the process of playing you also get useful items and means, but if you combine them appropriately with the weapon in your hand, it will certainly be easy to purge your opponent. In turn, you can have access to rockets attached to your feet to help you fly higher, as well as tanks, helicopters…

Download and blast your path through the warfare with an arsenal of kick-ass weapons, and massive power-ups, and even build an army of your team. The only limit is your own imagination!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: BattleBox v2.6.01
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: ChaloApps
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • Size: 139.0MB



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