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Battlegrounds Mobile India is a popular survival shooting game where you can experience an ever-growing roster of characters, tactical team fights, and various gameplay. In this battle royale, you will land on strategic locations with other online players, loot unique gears, and survive to be the last one standing across the war-torn battleground. Battlegrounds Mobile India is a game that is definitely worth a try if you enjoy survival games.

As a variant of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, despite the game being quite similar, Battlegrounds Mobile India has some exciting features that make it different from the original game and have caught the attention of a staggering number of players.

Game Features

The game’s world has many different things to see and discover. You can search the whole building for tons of items and make your character stronger by carrying guns, bullets, protective gear, helmets, backpacks, and energy drinks. Also, you can tap or click on items to decide if you want to pick them up or leave them, and then move to a different place to gather more items. The characters have all the things they need to make players feel safe in the battle.

■ Ever-changing battleground

After a set time period, the safe area will start to shrink. People who are not inside this area will get burned. In the beginning, you won’t encounter many problems. But after round 3, round 4 disappears, and if you don’t go to the safe area, you will die quickly. Also, it will keep getting smaller so that different players can find and fight each other.

■ Gut-wrenching gunplay

When you play a game like Battlegrounds Mobile India, you can choose from many different types of weapons. The amount of weapons can be different depending on where you go, and each weapon has its own qualities, so you have to use the right bullets for each one.

  • Unique items: These will improve your weapons and make you better at fighting at each level.
  • Empty boxes: Players can customize their weapons by adding accessories like silencers, scopes, stocks, grips, and more.

■ Choose your carnage

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, you can enjoy the ultimate shooter experience with full freedom of playstyle.

  • Shooting angle: Players can decide if they want to play the game from a first-person or third-person view. Every perspective has its own pluses and minuses and actually fighting is the best way to understand it.
  • Combat methods: Harness the power of different weapons, fire, and even melee combat to take down your opponents. An assault rifle? An ordinary pocket pistol? Anything goes in your last stand!

■ Four warriors are better than one

In the vast battlegrounds, there is danger all around. Other players can attack you from different angles, and you may not be able to defend yourself in time. So, team up with your friends to join you in this challenging warfare together.

■ The squad mode

In this mode, the player will go into a state where they cannot continue playing for a little while, which requires clear strategies and strong teamwork. If your friends rescue you on time, you can keep fighting. Playing in squad mode demands that players have a good understanding of strategies and work together as a team to succeed.

■ New features

Since it is the Indian version, the game has made some changes to fit their culture, like different outfits, surroundings, and buildings. Also, it has a stunning design, exciting gameplay, and tons of cool features waiting for you to explore in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Good luck commando!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Battlegrounds Mobile India v2.8.0
  • Category: Survival
  • Developer: KRAFTON, Inc.
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 12.0
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