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Be Car Tycoon is a leisure car simulator where you can have fun creating and managing your empire of Car Wash Stations. Become the wealthiest person in the world by running a successful chain of high-quality car wash stations. Will you be the automotive industry leader or just an obscure footnote in car history? Your destiny all depends on you in Be Car Tycoon.

Build Your Automotive Empire

By making increasingly micro-decisions over time, you can eventually create the biggest gas station and car wash business worldwide. If you start your business with a good strategy, you will make money even if you take a short break to do other tasks. The in-game powerful simulating system will help you create anything from a small station to an entire automotive empire piece by piece.


⛽ About car wash & gas filling stations

Have you ever considered starting and running the most successful car wash and gas station in the city? As long as you run the wash station or gas filling station well, your station will have long queues with countless cars driving in and out.

🚿Become rich from two seemingly common services

Everything begins when you have a desire or requirement for something. In a little town, there is no car wash or gas station that can handle all the traffic. Save up your money and learn the skills, and then get a permit and begin opening a car wash and the area’s first automatic gas station.

  • An automated system: Once the car goes into the station, the person pushes the button so that everything happens automatically. The car wash station moves the car onto a moving belt and goes through steps of dusting, soaping, spraying soap, and drying. The gas station will put the car on a moving belt, check what type of gas it needs, get information from the customer about how much gas it wants, and then put the hose in the correct spot to add more gas to the car.
  • Detailed management: You will also need a specific number of workers to operate, send out, check, and keep up the big machines, along with a money manager to review the daily cash flow and make a huge fortune.
    Another very important job is to regularly check and take care of the machine systems, making sure that they smoothly and effectively operate 24/7.

💰 Boost revenue

Gas stations and car washes that work automatically are becoming increasingly popular. If more people want to use the bus station, you should think about making it bigger so that you can make more money. If you have a plan to make your place nicer, build better buildings nearby, and bring more taxis to your area, you will slowly become wealthy and have a lot of money.


🌎 Open new countries

Not just your town, but also the nearby towns don’t have this kind of automatic service, which absolutely brings you the opportunity to expand your kingdom. Go and make more gas stations and places where cars can be cleaned automatically in many other towns. Always think about adding more things to make the service better for customers. The stations where you can fill your car with gas and get it washed automatically gradually become a popular and well-known brand that many people recognize throughout more countries.

It’s time to turn your fledgling company into a titan of the automotive industry! Download Be Car Tycoon now, the possibility is limited only by your imagination.

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  • Latest Version: Be Car Tycoon v1.30
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  • Developer: Nox Joy
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  • Android Version: Android 4.1
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