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Be the Manager 2024 is a unique mobile football game that you may have never played before. With simple gameplay and its concise interface, Be the Manager 2024 doesn’t rely on fancy graphics or typical features, but instead has a charm of its own style that has stayed consistent since the first version. Create your world-class football team, ready to vanquish your rivals in various tournaments. Progress never ends when you’re striving for footballing greatness!

What You Can Do

Be the Manager teaches you the basics of management in a simple and clear way. You will have control over the game, make important choices, and be the main focus of competition among the top football teams worldwide. Players have a fun and engaging experience while they learn and practice skills in managing top football teams. You create your own plans and methods and see how well each one works in the competition. In simple words, everything is organized and easy to understand, just like managing on a computer or handling papers.

Classic gameplay

With all the following versatile gameplay, you will be in charge of your team, leading the best players in the world and transforming the football field into a powerful empire. Wherever you manage, it’s all up to you to create an unmatched football team capable of competing with world-class elites.


  • Recruitment

You get to make important decisions like hiring a coach, finding new pros, and dominating the transfer market to cultivate a genius squad capable of realizing your dreams. 2022/2023 Database system with lots of real teams, managers, and players who participated in the Be the Manager community last year.

  • Training

Upgrade your players by training, while developing their teamwork spirits and mentality for champions. The training system has gotten better, and you can select strategies for battles and training methods for each person on your team, depending on their strengths, weaknesses, and accomplishments.

  • Management

You can also manage multiple stadium areas that are improved and have better facilities, helping your team become more famous and respected. Also, Be the Manager 2024 provides you with better and more practical tools than ever before to create a skilled team and excel over your rivals.


  • Competition

You must know your opponents and closely watch other teams that are at the same level. Also, make sure to watch closely all the actions of the rival team managers because they will be the ones you need to compete against.

  • Strategy

Craft a successful strategy, incorporating the cutting-edge AI system that is becoming more clever and quicker to react in Be the Manager 2024. Both the players on your team and the players on the opponent’s team can react in different ways when you make strategic decisions or change your combat tactics.

What’s new on Be the Manager 2024 version?

Keep going on your relentless journey to a higher level in football by importing your existing career from Be the Manager 2023. The newest version of the game in 2023 has made some changes and added new features to make the game easier and more interesting to play, by deepening the training system, adding more pro players & facilities, and upgrading the AI analysis. That’s not all though, and more upgrades are waiting for you to explore in this new version. Whether you are a football manager who is prone to start at the bottom piece by piece or likes to chase instantaneous glory, new challenges in Be the Manager 2024 await.

Download to step into the shoes of a real football manager and write a new chapter in Be the Manager 2024 now!


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  • Latest Version: Be the Manager 2024 v2024.1.7
  • Category: Sports
  • Developer: Mobisoca
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  • Android Version: Android 7.0
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