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Do you picture a restaurant game where hilarious and cute bears open the door for you when you hear the name Bear’s Restaurant? Bear’s Restaurant is a pixel-style simulation game filled with a story of love, loss, and exquisite meals that surely warm even the most hardened of hearts, and it’s more like a relaxing experience that is almost like flipping through a light-hearted children’s book.


A Profound Sad Story

If you’re looking for epic battles, tricky puzzles, cutting-edge cutscenes, or a pure restaurant simulator, this may not be the game for you. Bear’s Restaurant tells a tragic, complex, and significant narrative through the lens of a restaurant owned by a bear.

Many players commented that this was the saddest game they had ever played, and it also saved a lot of tears from the players. That’s why Bear’s Restaurant continues to receive hundreds of thousands of downloads on the Google Play store.

🍲 The last dinner

The game starts when you wake up as a cat who, however, works in a restaurant run by a bear. Bear’s restaurant is not like any ordinary restaurant with only a few seats and antiquated equipment to prepare the dishes. In this restaurant, the customers are the dead who came to eat their last meal – the favorite meal of their entire lives.

🚂 Train to heaven (or hell)

The Bear will take you with him to the Station, where the dead hold up for prepare to paradise, which can be an opportunity for the Cat to get more about their past lives. A few questions are prepared in advance to inquire about them, so you’ll be able to relive their memories to figure out why they had to get their favorite meal and the reason they kicked the bucket.

What You Can Do

Bear’s Restaurant is constructed more like a story than a customary game. Thus, your assignment is just to control the person to move and peruse the substance of every discussion. Once in a while, the game will likewise give you a couple of choices to investigate the person’s changes, yet they don’t influence the story to an extreme. What it lacks in runtime, it makes up for in emotion: a game that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

  • Your main goal

As a lone waiter assisting the friendly bear restaurant owner, it’s your job to greet the recently deceased, take their orders, and deliver each person a final meal to release their souls from purgatory.

  • The only problem

Customers here come from all walks of life and, in many cases, are extremely indecisive. To help get these weary souls to their final destination, your mission will be to delve into their memories and try to decipher what their last dinner will be like.

  • Hours of engaging gameplay

It will take you two or three hours if you want to conquer this entire game. Please enjoy it at your leisure to avoid interrupting the story.

  • A small tip

If you are an English speaker, you ought to play in the first language since it will completely offer the viewpoints and articulations of the characters. There are additional interpretations from different nations, yet it should be conceded that they are not exactly complete. There have been players who have sent negative criticism about this.

*Content Warning*

Although this game does not include any graphic images or butchery, please note that the story addresses an extensive variety of possibly upsetting topics, like homicide, self-destruction, and different habits of death that might be horrible for certain players (for example sickness, auto collisions).

Download now to have a shorter and more wholesome experience that will fill your heart like a home-made meal!

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  • Latest Version: Bear’s Restaurant v2.0.3
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  • Developer: Odencat
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  • Android Version: Android 8.0
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