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Beast Lord: The New Land is a strategy game with the themes of wildlife and natural resource management, which directly portrays well-known animals from the real world in an exciting way. If you want to experience what it’s like to be the ruler of the jungle, you should give it a try on a widescreen mobile or tablet for a fully immersive experience.


The game brings you to a large forest, where you will be in charge of the forest. You need to be strong to keep your important job in the group. Your aim is to become the strongest Forest Lord, the ruler of the wild, who has all the control in the jungle. You will be the only animal that can create a strong and long-lasting community for this large forest.

Game Flow

Beast Lord: The New Land is a wildlife strategy game that involves smart planning, but it’s different from other games and has lots of unexpected things for players to discover. When you see 3D images for the first time, you will appreciate how hard the game developer worked to make them. Dive into Beast Lord: The New Land, the adventure of overcoming all obstacles and difficulties to become the ruler of the Forest will once again grab your attention.

⚮ Incarnate

First, you will find out which animal you are incarnate. Keep looking for ways to gather the materials in the forest to construct various buildings that establish the control of the group you oversee.

⚮ Train & Breed

Later, it is very important to train and hire other fierce animals to protect the land. When you try to find and bring animals to a certain place, you will learn many interesting things about each animal. You can also breed them and give them enough food to increase the number of beasts.

⚮ Upgrade

With the resources you gathered in the forest, you can use them to make your own territory or to give your beasts what they need. We need resources to improve buildings. This makes our territory stronger, and more sustainable and gives us many useful areas for various purposes that benefit the group.

⚮ Defend

When very scary animals come and take over the land, you will send your group of very scary animals to fight against them. Organize groups, use the abilities of each type of creature, and find ways to make up for one species’ disadvantages with another species’ advantages. By doing this, you can keep away any attack.

⚮ Ally for better survival

  • Team up: In Beast Lord: The New Land, it’s better to make an alliance than go solo. If you are by yourself, even if you remain protected, you will not be able to grow and succeed. The easiest way is to work together with another leader’s group to create a new team or at least become part of a current one.
  • PVP mode: Instead of joining groups, you will take part in many intense competitive matches with other leaders of groups, each with their own motives like fighting for control of land or showing power over the area.

In simple words, the most important things to do while exploring the green forest are fighting, building, and exploring. To reach your goals or complete tasks in the game, you must effectively control and balance your time, resources, and health stats for yourself and the monsters you control. In simpler terms, Beast Lord: The New Land is not just a game about fighting, but it’s also about how well players can manage things.

Download Beast Lord: The New Land to embrace a more sustainable future and become the primordial beast king. The possibilities in this game are as limitless as the horizon!

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  • Latest Version: Beast Lord: The New Land v1.0.26
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: StarFortune
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
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