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Beastie Bay is a casual simulation game where you can build and survive on a desolate island of a gentle leisurely style. This time, you will come across even tougher obstacles to keep yourself safe and build a perfect island for the years to come. So washed ashore on a deserted island while encompassed by savage creatures and mysteries, will you thrive or simply survive?


Have you ever gotten lost in an island filled with 2D pixelated characters? Beastie Bay is a game designed to resemble a traditional survival scenario where you are stranded on a deserted island with no one else around. With extreme desolation, this island is also home to frightening untamed creatures.

So, you have to work hard to get used to your new life: look for food, water, and other things that are necessary to stay alive. You also have to fight with the wild animals that are out there. The beginning of survival is really tough when you have nothing and don’t know what to do. When you can overcome this difficult period, you will discover many chances for personal development in this strange land.

Key Features

Beastie Bay is an exciting simulator and exploration game set on a mysterious island with sandbox elements. With the following wonderful game features, you can lose yourself within this open-world island and discover tons of fun teeming with fascinating creatures – both friendly and hostile.

  • Pixel art meets tranquil landscapes

Beastie Bay, like other games by Kairosoft, uses old-style 2D-pixel art graphics. Everything in the game is small and looks like a classic 80s game, this game also has a complex of layers. Characters move in a flexible way, massive quests to challenge, and everything makes sense and is easy to understand. When you start to enjoy and understand the traditional pixel art in this game, you’ll become fully engaged in the game’s rhythm.

  • Survival of the fittest

In this game, Survival of the fittest is never so fun! You get to be in charge as you turn your basic island into a fancy and beautiful paradise. Explore this massive, beautifully illustrated island and finally dominate it.

  • Scavenge a variety of resources

First, you need to search for a life-sustaining source of food and water, and then, you can plant them and transform the many fertile lands on the island into big gardens. Later in the game, you can harvest massive materials by the kinds of tools and creature abilities you acquire.

  • Capture or befriend the wildlife

You can capture the critters on the island, tame them to become your friends and turn them into a special army to fight for you. They have different powers and flaws based on elements, which you can use to your benefit during battles.

  • Deep crafting system

After mining enough resources, it’s time for you to create tools, and construct your own home bit by bit. The tent slowly transformed into a house, and a large space with a designated spot to gather energy… You can even build some modern buildings like big zoos, heliports, and research institutes. With the powerful building system in Beastie Bay, you can create anything from a small temporary shelter to an entire empire piece by piece.

  • Unlimited opportunities to expand paradise

Beastie Bay also offers players endless exploration opportunities. If you spend more time, you will discover different methods to travel to nearby islands. In every location, the game brings you a new exciting journey to stay alive. By taking control of many empty islands in a big area, you start to create a strong bond. You have full control of everything now, go ahead and do things your way. Step by step, you transform the island into a pleasant and enjoyable paradise.

Welcome, adventurers! Blaze trails into this mysterious island and carve out your piece of the Beastie Bay.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Beastie Bay v2.3.2
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Kairosoft
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
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