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BEAT THE BEAT! is a chaotic music game set in a futuristic magic world where you can slash the beats endlessly flying towards you, with adrenaline-pumping rhythms. Dancers and warriors in BEAT THE BEAT! will bring you tons of thrilling and fast-paced fights to become the top warrior in the land. Get ready to battle while keeping rhythm in this immersive music experience never before!


In a futuristic world filled with magic, rhythms make people feel peaceful and joyful. But one day, evil magic suddenly attacked the land and the peaceful rhythm became violent, attacking inhabitants. The brave fighters in the country have come together to use their abilities to conquer the evil forces. They need to discover what caused this strange event and bring peace back to the magical land.

Music Plays Now—!!

BEAT THE BEAT! is a game where you fight using magic and follow a rhythm. You will like listening to energetic and varied melodies that can be fast or slow. Players must control their warriors to defeat the notes that show up in rhythm.

📢 Basic Rule

Each time you use a magical skill and pair it with an action to match the beat, you will earn extra points. When the attack is more dangerous, and the rhythm appears unexpectedly, the score will be higher. Keep collecting points until you can unlock a new hero character.

💥 New hero, new rhythm battle experience

Each time you get new characters with different looks, abilities, and special powers, including magical abilities and the kind of weapons they use, you can experience a special way of performing and battling. When players choose a new character, they get to have fun trying out a new way of fighting. In addition, you should also change the way you move and attack to make the most of the warrior’s strength.

😺Pets for combat effects

Besides unlocking new characters, you can also use the money to unlock various pets. If you mix pets with different warriors or the other way around, you can create new combat abilities and use them in unexpected attacks. Discovering how to mix and alternate between various pets while battling with the same character is also an essential thrill for BEAT THE BEAT!

🖍 Slightly doodle style

The space is very dark and it makes all fighting actions look impressive. When you begin playing this game, your mind may feel gloomy because of its unique style different from other music games. But once the battle starts, you’ll see why the game looks a little bit like a doodle to pay tribute to magic and show how each warrior has unique moves. So in that dark background, every win, attack, and magic hit the target more easily than before.

🎶 Handcrafted music

Do you enjoy music? So does BePex the developer of the game. Unique stages with music from professional music producers. Beats like tons of bricks straight into your eardrums! Bam!

As you practice more rhythms, you will discover a new kind that is trickier and more sneaky. Unlike other rhythm games, the game smartly changed the scenery behind the stage where the match was happening. The background of the fight gets more intense when the tempo changes or when there’s a new progression. The players are always interested in what they will find next.

Huh? Do you say rhythm is not your forte? Don’t worry, who says you have to be good at rhythm to win? So long as you hold 100% of the courage to fight and passion for music, nothing can beat you in BEAT THE BEAT!

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  • Latest Version: BEAT THE BEAT! v23.0.9
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  • Developer: BePex
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