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It’s time to take your revenge and release work stress in this hilarious Arcade game, Beat the Boss 4 which is the fourth game in its series, bringing the enjoyment of venting outrage on your boss to an entire new level, both fierce and extremely diverse. If you owe your boss or feel stressed at work, then Beat the Boss 4 is the game where you can unleash your anger in a powerful way. Will your boss quit his job and who will take his place? When a new boss steps into the company, take aim and fire, the fun never stops!

Why Beat the Boss 4?

  •  Madness at its peak

When things get really crazy at work, you can’t just fight against your boss. Even when someone says mean things, you are still afraid to do something. Fear of the boss, getting a bad review from the boss and losing money from our pay… How many fears have you ignored, causing you to feel more and more surrounded by a sense of comfort and disadvantage, not everyone can control when they want to explode or release their emotions.

  •  Relieve office stress

Why not use games to reduce stress? You can play Beat the Boss 4 and make your own boss character, then let out your anger by hurting and scolding the boss in the game. And it doesn’t harm anyone or damage your reputation while making you feel better.

Diverse Gameplay

Turn your anger into strength, and use your pent-up energy as a weapon, while having fun with this game. Gather your anger and give him a critical strike.

◆ Create your boss

Use your creativity and in-game items to create the boss’s image and face, the cause of pain at work. The better you pick your boss, the more they will look like real life on the screen, which will help you relax more effectively later. You need to draw a picture of your boss and then let out all your anger on it.

◆ Transform anger into energy

Beat, conquer, throw, and take down the bad boss in the game. Winning makes you feel good. The angry bubble went down. Feeling good to be back. You will do a better job and work more effectively. This is true.

◆ Choose your weapon

In the game Beat the Boss 4, you can use almost 200 different weapons to fight the boss. These weapons represent the tools you can use to face challenges in real life. Let’s begin with simple punches and kicks. After you beat the bosses in the early levels, you’ll get better weapons to fight even tougher bosses.

  • Arsenal of weapons: Whether you prefer long-range weapons, like laser weapons and demolitions, or melee ones like swords, spiked mace, and traps, each weapon type is at your service to complement your playstyle.
  • Unleash your combos: With various weapons, you can take them out of your inventory and use them whenever you want. Why not use both of them together to beat the boss in a clever way? Shoot with a gun, cut with a sword to stop the boss’s bad behavior, and use a bow and arrow to make him feel pain in his body!

◆ Level up with rewards

In Beat the Boss 4, the money is in the form of gold and diamonds. If you have more money, you’ll have a better chance of getting better weapons, unlocking new ones, and beating tougher bosses.

◆ Unlock the lively office map

The game has 10 office kingdoms with different styles from factories and workshops to offices in tall buildings. In every situation, there exist massive new ways for you to punish your boss. When you finish a level, you can break into new content.

Download now and pelt the devil boss with your chosen weapons for fun!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Beat the Boss 4 v1.7.7
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: Game Hive Corporation
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
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