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Beauty Tycoon: Hollywood Story is a casual simulation game where you run a beauty business, featuring a gentle but equally dramatic pace. Improve your management and business skills, and still have a lot of fun experiencing the ups and downs of the main character’s life. Run for your business through unique dramas, forge romances with unique characters each weaving their own tales, and build your beauty empire to fulfill your Hollywood dreams.

A Corner of Hollywood Appeared

When you play Beauty Tycoon: Hollywood Story, you get to enjoy a long and interesting story about relationships in the world of famous Hollywood people. While making people look prettier at your spa, you will meet many different types of people. Every person who comes to the store brings their feelings, trust, experiences, and memorable stories with them.

Listening to people, making connections, and forging close relationships while experiencing chapters of beautiful and valuable stories. Despite the noise and activity in Hollywood, there are still massive hidden secrets that you can’t see.

What You Can Do

🎀 Upgrade your beauty

How do you do nails and hair? What things should you think about when putting on makeup? And what about taking care of your skin, whitening, or getting a facelift? The beauty procedures may be a little different at each spa and in each country, but they are usually the same. In Beauty Tycoon: Hollywood Story, you can learn all the standard steps in great detail.

As the owner and manager of a beauty spa salon in busy Hollywood, you’ll get to learn all about beauty treatments and introduce them to customers, which is a chance to try something new that you’ve only heard about before.

🛎 Unlock new servings

  • Provide solutions

Every person who goes to the spa wants to improve their outer appearance in some way. As a spa owner in Beauty Tycoon: Hollywood Story, you will listen carefully and take notes from customers. Find out why each beauty problem happens. At the same time, suggest the right way to treat each person.

  • Embrace more guests

This is how you are different from other beauty spas in this busy city. It’s also what attracts more and more people to your spa. No matter how big the future becomes, and no matter how many services are offered, always remember the most important thing.


♨ Expand the spa

For the first time, because you were offering good services at a good price, more and more people came to your spa. More customers will have new needs. When you need something more often, it might be a good idea to think about expanding your spa.

  • Investment

Building a great spa costs a lot of money and you need to put in a lot of time and work. The harder the service, the more money needed. But the money we will make in the future is definitely worth the effort. At any time, investing money can bring you different good things, and you need to decide how to use your resources and invest them wisely.

  • Recruitment

Every member of the spa staff needs to have good skills. It’s hard to find people who are both good at their job and work hard and responsibly. You need to look through the profiles you find and think about the person’s skills, how much money they want to be paid, and their work experience. Every time you hire a new employee, you also need to take care of him and help him adjust to new jobs.

  • Keep in touch

Remember to keep communicating with your customers frequently. As the owner of a spa salon, it’s important to be good at talking with and keeping in touch with your regular and big customers, which will unintentionally help you attract new visitors by mentioning the nearby areas. Maybe one of them will become your soulmate in the future.


Download to jump into the Hollywood beauty market and build your dream beauty club now!

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