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Begging Life is a humor-filled simulation game featuring begging elements and carefully crafted cartoon-art environments. As a shameless and lazy man who barely survived a tough life, you begin a begging career in different places. Do you want to avoid low-wage jobs and exchange of nothing for something? Want to take someone else’s money when they are feeling generous? Begging Life offers you this kind of experience where you can see how a beggar becomes the wealthiest beggar on the planet.


You, as a vagrant

Begging Life starts when you pretend to be homeless walking around asking for money on the streets. We don’t know exactly how bad the living situation is, but we do know that the game’s main character is hiding their laziness. They don’t want to work but still want money.

What happened

Without any physical problems, you still walk slowly, looking dirty and sad, hoping people will feel sorry for you. The beginning of the first day went well, and after a long day of working very hard, you earned a large amount of money.

At this point, you start to realize why the guy is so determined to become a beggar. Asking strangers for money, taking their money and keeping it for yourself, gradually collecting more and more, and eventually having everything you desire without working hard for it.


How to Play

The game keeps making you more and more interested in the begging job that you can’t accept at first. If you visit many places on the street and eat and drink very little, you will make more money. Collect old and very torn clothes to wear, and switch them every week to avoid being recognized. There are many “tricks” for help and getting sympathy from passersby.

Basic controls

When playing Begging Life, you keep tapping the screen to collect money from everyone in a casual manner like that in the familiar idle game. And then you gradually improve your appearance so you can keep begging in different places like restaurants and shopping centers.

Profit off begging

  • Shameless equals invincible: Begging goes well every day. As you keep going, you increase your chances of getting a larger portion of the money. Also, if you’re not afraid of feeling ashamed, you can easily switch between various types of roles, each with its own level of sadness. By receiving kindness from the people around you, you can keep getting more and more money.
  • Save your money: Only a small portion of the money you “earned” is used for food and drinks. The rest is either stored at home or put in a bank for safekeeping. If you have enough money, you can begin to purchase a car and drive to places that are far away from other people to keep begging for larger sums of money, where nobody knows who you are yet, so it’s easier to take compassion from passersby.


Upgrade your house

For someone who doesn’t have a place to live, having a warm and secure home is like a dream come true after spending days without a permanent place. Once you have money, you can improve your character’s house. It will go from being a simple hut with a bed made of newspapers to a fancy and luxurious house where you can change an old fireplace to make it more modern. When you have enough money that afford to buy houses, a luxurious life is within easy reach. You will soon be the wealthiest person who asks for money, a huge real estate owner that nobody knows.

Prepare to get your hands dirty? It’s time to be the selfish bad guy for a change!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Begging Life v2.3
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Udo Games Oyun Yazılım Anonim Şirketi
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
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