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Behind the Frame is an adventure game about the life of an artist. What do you do every day? How do you make your pictures? You can find all the answers in the colorful hand-animated world of the interactive art game Behind the Frame. It’s more like a movie with an artistic piece with vivid graphics, and so fast the hours fly. Have fun with the unexpected plot twists and ending of Behind the Frame. Behind the Frame is not just for people who prefer puzzles, but also for those who appreciate visual indulgence.


Do you ever think about whether a regular person’s life is different from that of an artist? Behind the Frame is a captivating storytelling game about a hopeful artist who is trying to complete the last artwork for her gallery entry.

Help a young artist finish her beautiful painting by guiding brush strokes and solving different types of puzzles. It is always difficult for artists to find a balance between being realistic and being creative. Be careful, her unfriendly neighbor and his annoying cat are watching her closely. As she continues to paint, a heartfelt story of luck and creativity is shown through unrelated yet familiar moments…

Key Features

🔴 An Audio-visual enjoyment

Made with hand-painted watercolor art, Behind the Frame is like a painting that comes to life. Any picture taken on a computer or phone can be turned into a beautiful piece of art that you would want to save.

Behind the Frame is a calming and eloquent activity for you to enjoy at any pace. Just take it easy and immerse yourself in a breathtaking world with vibrant colors, stunning animations, and a soothing soundtrack.

🔵 A slow tempo

The game is not fast-paced as the music slowly enters your thoughts. The way to play is also very nice and doesn’t need any special abilities or stress. In Behind the Frame, all you have to do is enjoy the pictures, the way they move, and the small things that happen in the artist’s life. It’s like looking at a painting that has many different layers.

🟣 A made-up tale

In Behind the Frame, the main character is the owner of a small house and she wants to become a painter. She is almost finished with the last tasks for an important art show.

But before discussing that, how did she manage her everyday routine and find a balance between taking care of her basic needs and pursuing her creative passions? As you explore the game, a delightful little story reveals itself.

  • A pleasant surprise: When you draw things that you imagine and remember, you slowly reveal the artist’s feelings in the story. More relationships started to form. Each picture has a small story that can bring a nice surprise.
  • Complete the main story: In Behind the Frame, you are about to step into a new painter’s journey – for those who finish the main story.

🟢 A freer way

Imagination helps us turn our memories into vivid drawings. In Behind the Frame, as an artist, you have the freedom to draw anything you desire. Think about a beautiful moment and write it down, feel nostalgic through colors and brushstrokes, and step back and look far away from the artist’s house or wherever you are.

🟡 A learning process

Behind the Frame is a place where you can learn about how artists create their artwork. By watching and thinking about things, to creating initial drawings, you use paint to make different areas of the picture darker or lighter. You also add shadow effects and blend everything together. At last, the picture is finished.

Throughout the process of painting, the characters constantly think about and talk to themselves about past memories. To put it simply, painting is not just a job. It is also a way to express emotions, thoughts, and memories.

Grab your paintbrush and craft your masterpiece & memories now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Behind the Frame v2.0.5
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer: Akupara Games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 6.0
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