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Beholder 2 is a dark adventure game brimming with corruption, intrigue, espionage, and betrayal. This time you become an intern at the central agency of a totalitarian state with your entire career ahead of you. Climb the ranks by plotting against employees, spy on your boss and completing paperwork, or go against the government and denounce corruption. It’s all up to you!

A little more colorful than the first version, but the gloomy and miserable atmosphere of Beholder 2 elevates the gameplay and player emotions to a new level. Are you ready to enter the endless tyrannical world of Beholder 2?

A dictatorial state

Set a sturdy building built of giant oak: the General Staff. Only government officers can enter here, and this probably also hides the highest secrets of the ruling authoritarian state that we learned about in the first part.

The player will play the role of an intern working with the General Staff, who can become part of the system in the future. Therefore, a number of tasks begin to be assigned to you, from small to larger, accompanied by a firm statement: The organization expects you to perform your tasks with extreme precision and prudence.

Complex Features

The Promotion Mechanism

Start with the lowest levels of your career and status ladder, you should strive for higher positions. However, staying here was better than having tens of thousands of civilians there.

  • Will you regard this primary position as an honor and promise to work hard for the common well-being of the country?
  • Or will you begin to become depraved and participate in a series of brutal and blind government rule activities, too? Don’t forget your childhood ideal is to devote yourself to bringing a better life to the people of your homeland.

It’s up to you to decide what kind of person you want to be, and your every choice has consequences. Get ready for an adventure in the dark politics of Beholder 2.

A unique bureaucratic political system

The first praiseworthy point of Beholder 2 is its ability to skillfully tell stories, cleverly integrating data, events, and information. Thanks to that, players gradually visualize the entire formidable totalitarian political machine that is dominating the country.

Awkward conversations and situations always arise. You gradually understand the good and bad sides of the problem. Helping players see what is blinding citizens is also something you are forced to mentally struggle to compromise or resist.

Multiple endings

And of course, because choices always have their own results or consequences, Beholder 2 is destined to have many different endings. There is an ending that seems to balance all the factors, there is an extremely bad ending and there is a moderately bad ending. You always have to trade one thing for another. What matters is what you want right now. Every time you play Beholder 2, you always get different results and different progression paths depending on your mood and decisions at each moment.

Dark & satirical humor

It’s right to say Beholder 2 is a comedy, but it’s also not wrong to say it’s a tragedy. The totalitarian bureaucracy is portrayed in a profound, cruel, and shameless manner, hidden behind a moral facade, truly making people shudder.

The dark picture of a country is increasingly revealed. Are people stupid in this or are they trying to escape? Beholder 2, through a series of humorous situations, paints a scene that can make you laugh and cry at the same time.

No matter what, you are now part of the Ministry. From now on, nobody has ascendance over you. Download and shape your own future!

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