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Best Fiends Stars is a free and fun puzzle game where you meet the powerful heroes of Minutia, called Best Fiends who have to figure out the mystery of the meteor and fight against slimy Slugs. What’s more, you will need to solve puzzles by matching three or more colorful pieces and make boosters and power-ups. You can also gather and change adorable characters as they demonstrate their special abilities.

The story

Friends Village used to be a tranquil and happy homeland for the animal inhabitants. One day, a star fell from the sky, bringing thousands of bright meteorites across the region. These brilliant meteors have attracted a group of uninvited inhabitants: evil snails from another village.

Your mission is to defeat all these snails to prevent them from catching meteors, and at the same time protect your village from your friends. To achieve this, you need not one but many heroes working together.


Whether you choose online or offline mode, Best Fiends Stars always creates tons of excitement for you with the in-game charterers’ fun appearance of insects designed with a round huge head which is just like a ball. However, when they team up and fearlessly confront the powerful snails, you’ll find them lively and get deeply touched.

⚝ Match-3 basis

Best Friends Stars is a classic match-3 game where you match three items in a row, and then you can get heroes with special powers to battle the snails. In every match-3 game, lots of things like leaves, flowers, and fruit fall. Your job is to match up three or more items of the same color in a row, either up and down or side to side. When you put these tiles together, they will change into a special power symbol to attack snail enemies.

⚝ Navigate 500+ levels and more

Finding the way to the sky is not simple, because there are many gates you need to go through to open the next one, from woods, the off-limits area, to vast oceans. Perhaps it’s about getting the lowest score in a match-3 game, or it could be about finding a treasure or beating the bad snails. Best Fiends Stars has over 500 levels right now. The levels get harder as you go on and the battles with snails are getting tougher. When you finish the mission, you can move to the next level, get good prizes, and earn points to buy special items like speed-ups, better boots, or new characters.

⚝ Use coins to restart

Remember that you don’t have many chances to waste. If you die in the game, you can use the coins you collected to get more lives. To get money, you need to not only break the boxes with weapons, but you also have to break the money boxes or work together with others to get bonus points which can be changed into cash. Also, pay attention to key items like rockets and boosts that can help you advance through levels more quickly and earn extra points.

⚝ Unlock new heroes

There are a lot of heroes in the story, like Temper the Green Bug, Beatrice, Howie, and JoJo, each of whom has a special power. They make power-ups that help us attack the snails and collect the things we need to move to the next level and each stage will have various friends.

⚝ Enjoy online multiplayer

Best Fiends Stars has good online features to make it easy to connect and trade with other players. Communicating, leaving messages, sending gifts, and teaming up to fight together… Everything you want is here. Conquer all the challenges alone or with friends, and journey to the brightest star in the sky, Minutia!

Download and enjoy your game now! How far will you go?

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Best Fiends Stars v3.2.8
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Developer: Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
  • Size: 150.9MB



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