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Best Fiends is an adventure-packed puzzle game where you need to find similar pairs to clear them, and collect cute animal characters to defeat the royal slugs. With quite easy but attractive gameplay, Best Fiends has become one of the most popular puzzle games around the world. Solve puzzles and just immerse yourself in this fantasy world filled with unique animal wonder.


The little animals were happy and getting along well until a meteor hit Mount Boom. This turned the Slugs there into annoying green, slimy pests. Now, they are covering everything they touch with slime and taking over most of Minutia. Luckily, a team of unexpected heroes is working hard to solve the mystery at Mount Boom and send the Slugs back to where they came from. But for them to do that, they need to become the Best Fiends. Come along with them on their journey to save their world!


With the theme of friendship and connecting funny characters, you should help the lost little animals go back into their friend’s arms by moving the bricks to form vertical or horizontal lines and clearing them.

Moving the bricks is not as easy as you think because they can only go a certain way and can’t go through obstacles in the game. To win, you need to figure out the best and safest way to move the bricks.

Key Features

⏫ The difficulty increases dramatically

In Best Fiends, the levels get harder as you play through them. In the beginning levels, the puzzles are not too hard and can be solved easily. As you reach higher levels, there are harder puzzles to solve, like having fewer moves and a bigger game board. This makes you have to use your brain more. Be cautious and come up with new ways to solve each puzzle.

🎁 500+ intricate levels

Best Fiends has lots of different puzzles to solve, with over 500 levels to play. The puzzle levels in Best Friends are split into different types such as jigsaw, match two, quiz, and seek. This helps you have fun and feel excited when you play. This is why a lot of people get hooked on the game after just a few levels.

🌟 Diverse power-ups

  • Coins

For every puzzle you solve, you’ll get a reward of coins in the game. This coin can help you buy things in the game and make it easier to beat harder levels. So, Best Fiends has a special system to make your puzzle-solving skills better.

  • Upgrade

You can use the money you earn to buy boosters and power-ups to create extra fruit cubes or bunny clusters, remove blockers on the board, or reverse cubes. In addition, some special levels will give you special challenges, such as finding items on the board or winning within a time limit.

πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Travel alongside a various cast of human companions

You can play with your friends on Best Fiends and compete to solve hard puzzles, which makes the game even more fun. First, you need to link the game to your Facebook account in order to join this mode. After you finish connecting, you can invite your friends from social media to play a new challenge in the game Best Fiends.

After you accept the request, you together will start the game. In the game, the person with the highest score wins and gets a lot of coins and rewards.

🎞 Stunning graphics and designs

Best Fiends also features fantasy graphics, thus immersing you in a beautiful world full of colorful characters and designs. The graphics in Best Fiends are really amazing. Small images with vibrant colors and the ability to move around easily help make each area look unique, which will make it easy for you to get drawn into the colorful gaming world, with beautiful visuals and excitement for anyone involved.

Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast or just searching for an interesting and challenging way to kill time, Best Fiends is sure to offer you hours of entertainment. Download now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Best Fiends v12.4.1
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Developer: Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • Size: 365.1MB



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