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Bhop GO brings you into an adrenaline-pumping world where you can experience bunny hopping(Bhop) like never before. Designed to help you practice your Bhop skills, this skill-based and fast-paced game makes you more competitive in FPS games, which takes Bhop to the next level.


About Bhop

Bhop is a fast-moving skill that helps you get ahead early in first-person shooter games. In a tough fight where everyone is trying to win quickly, having good weapons isn’t enough. You need to be able to move fast to reach important places, hide, and aim and shoot a gun quickly. This will give you many benefits.

  • Specifics

However, with many obstacles and enemy bullets, it’s difficult for you to get to where you want to go. Instead, you have to be good at moving, running quickly, and doing precise jumps and launches to find chances. These skills are all together called Bhop or Bunny hop.

  • The principle

In principle, bhop is quite simple. With real or simulated buttons, you simply face right or left, then jump at the same time while facing slightly opposite directions. As soon as your feet touch the ground, keep jumping until you reach your destination.

  • Hard to master

However, to have superior Bhop skills and move like an arrow on the battlefield, the player must go through quite an arduous training process. If you don’t want to risk jumping into battle and paying with your life, it’s best to practice your reflexes and skills well in Bhop. You can overcome the hard training process and become the most valuable sniper in every battle.

What You Can Do

This game is all about trying out different types of Bhop. Bhop GO is a type of movement that should be added to the parkour training for military professionals, which can help you move and respond to different incident faster through the area. Your goal is to jump onto safe surfaces, avoid falling, and avoid obstacles as you go through different levels. Jump over obstacles to move quickly and do not let them slow you down.

◆ Endless Practice

Completing parkour challenges in Bhop GO will help you get better at moving quickly and easily in any 3D action game. Gradually, you can improve your Bhop skills from beginner to expert levels, starting with simple and progressing to harder techniques. This helps prepare you for the challenging maps in Bhop GO. The map has lots of twists and there will be many hard Bhop moves.

◆ Unlimited training fun

To make the training for Bhop more fun, Bhop GO has lots of different weapons like knives, swords, guns, and grenades. You can hold these things as well as other gear, clothes, and skins.

◆Explore meticulously designed maps

Bhop GO constantly upgrades new maps to keep challenges fresh and thrilling. You might see a train underground, people jumping out of planes, a big city, a huge fire in the ocean, or a path above the clouds. Every time you move to a new level, you will experience a unique set of jumps and obstacles requiring more precision and better timing.

◆ Enjoy multiplayer madness

You can challenge your friends or players around the world in the exciting multiplayer mode, while practicing in intense bunny hopping races and show off your skills as you race to victory.

  • Online multiplayer mode: If you don’t want to practice alone, you can play with others in Online Multiplayer mode. Exploring new and different places and doing parkour tricks to show off to friends can make training more enjoyable.
  • Race mode: You can create your own room to play against a specific player, someone who is good at jumping in the game, or a friend. You can choose how many people will take part in the bhop racing competition.

Get ready to perform the most jaw-dropping bunny hopping runs in Bhop GO, wowing the watchers to rule the leaderboard!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Bhop GO v209
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Shockapp
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
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