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Billion Builders is a laidback city-building simulator with a focus on resource management, and macro & micro development. Your main task is to recruit workers and improve their skills to create a prosperous civilization. Push your imagination and problem-solving skills to create something vaster than you have ever done before, and there are no restrictions in Billion Builders.


Start building the base of your city. Build the roads, buildings, and systems that help people live their daily lives. You have complete control over everything. You have a say in how your city grows, so plan carefully. Every choice you make has a consequence. Can you help small businesses grow and make the economy stronger through trade? How can neighborhoods improve without hurting the downtown area? How will you bring well-being for your people and better manage the city’s budget?

◈ An idle simulator

You have to start everything on your own and then just sit back, use what you have, and watch civilization develop in front of you, which means you don’t have to make your own house. You don’t have to look for every piece of wood and brick to build like in survival games. You are the one who keeps everything in balance and makes adjustments to use resources wisely for long-term growth.

◈ Build infinitely

Billion Builders helps players build as much as they want. The hardest part is being able to manage resources and make a clear plan. The staff will handle everything else. Instead of doing everything with your hands, you can now use your eyes to observe the entire area in front of you. Choose a good location and start your first project slowly and carefully to ensure future growth.

◈ Simple game flow

How to play Billion Builders is easy too. You are going to ride a train around the main part of the country. Now, you can make the train stop, and the workers will come and build a house in the space where the train stopped. The buildings are constructed very fast and most people don’t have to wait long to see their building finished.


◈ 3 main factors

However, it’s important to remember that the size and quality of the project rely on 3 factors:

  • Employees: You can hire more workers with the money in hand to make the construction go faster and make it even more impressive. All you have to do is hire people and then they will improve their work efficiency, so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Available space: Then you can make more buildings like houses and small cities around where the train is parked. It also means we can construct things more quickly, which speeds up the process of turning the land into cities.
  • Resources you have: You can raise a city piece by piece from the ground up to a huge metropolis with endless human and land resources. The more cool things you make, the more money you earn.

Resources – labor –  construction keep switching and are closely connected, making a never-ending interesting game loop for you.

◈ Enjoy realistic 3D graphics

Billion Builders uses simple 3D pictures to show how a city grows when you use your building and planning abilities. The 3D scene in Billion Builders shows the construction and urbanization process really well, even though it’s not very flashy or sharp. It’s such a pleasure for us to see this ever-expanding community becoming a really groundbreaking city with various civilizations in a cool 3D world.

With the deep building simulator, you can create a bustling city piece by piece. It’s up to you–all of it!

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  • Latest Version: Billion Builders v2.8.20
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  • Developer: 5minlab Corp.
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  • Android Version: Android 5.0
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