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Bio Ops is a strategic first-person shooter set within the world of rampant terrorism with biological arms. With its teamwork and realistic gameplay, you can enjoy authentic shooting experiences like never before. You need to stay calm and brave, and act fast to complete intense army missions, deal with the situation to knock down the terrains, and respond to the call of your nation Are you prepared to stand by and fight as a real soldier?


You are a young soldier in special forces, who are trained to do confidential and high-class dangerous tasks for the nation. The special forces team’s warriors have everything they need – clothes, weapons, and skills for survival, shooting, and fighting in different places. Everyone is prepared to enter actual battlefields and deal with many dangerous enemies like terrorists, biological criminals, and armed robbers.

Key features

✦ Immersive infantry combat experience

As a young commando, you have been trained from a very young age to be able to adapt quickly to any extreme environment. In Bio Ops 3D, players can make their characters do lots of different moves and shoot in lots of different ways.

✦ Tactical squad action

Featuring real fighting, players should team up to become a squad and have to communicate well with each other for synergy to vanquish foes. Realistic firefights require your squad to be equipped with better teamwork spirit and communication skills.  Coordination, tactics, and planning are important for success in the game. Players can choose from a variety of weapons and vehicles that match their tactics.

✦ Various combat ways

You can run fast to get to the enemy and shoot your gun really fast without stopping, or hide and wait for the best opportunity to shoot at the enemies from a distance, catching them off guard and taking them down one by one. Also, you can attack the terrorists’ home, which will make them scared and run away, then use both sniper and direct gunfire to take out each terrorist.

✦ Explore biologically active areas

In Bio Ops 3D, massive carefully crafted tough levels with biological elements await, and you have to complete various tasks requiring to use of modern weapons like biological rifles, bombs, mines, and anti-gas masks to respond to different situations and protect yourself from biological harm.

✦ Endless challenges

There are nearly unending challenges for you. You need to keep practicing with new guns and get better at positioning, moving, and aiming so you can finish the most critical mission.

Stop terrorists from coming into the city, help friends who are stuck, and use guns to save people held captive. These are really tough tasks for players. Every time you have a new job, you will need to find a new way to handle bad guys and use your weapons carefully so you don’t harm anything around you.

✦ Unique arsenals

There are tons of weapons for you to choose from in Bio Ops 3D. Wield different weapon types that suit your unique playstyle, both long-range and up-close ones. Wisely use these weapons to protect your teammates by making it hard for the enemy to see and aim with suppressive fire. Stronger weapons always make a bigger and longer impact.

✦ Realistic graphics

Bio Ops 3D makes the game feel real with detailed environments and tasks that are clear and important. It is just like a really intense battlefield with true gut-wrenching gun battles where you can experience an authentic vision of your target like looking through a true sniper scope.

Download and fight alongside your squad to overwhelm the enemy and wrest victory from the terrorists. The battlefield is yours!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Bio Ops 3D v1.20.90
  • Category: Shooter
  • Developer: Game Cure Studio 3D
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 7.0
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