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Bird Kind will take you to a peaceful world with euphonious birdsong, where you can explore the mystery of the green woodland and unlock numerous rare birds. It is more like an encyclopedia about birds and even if you are an ornithologist, you can find something new here. Find joy in being close to nature, and do whatever you like to have a great time in Bird Kind now.


Bird Kind is a relaxing simulation game that brings players into a serene old forest filled with green vines and lush, green leaves, and it was once the perfect home for a lot of special kinds of birds, which used to be a real lively bird forest.

Clearly, the trees have left, and now the forest is empty and dying. As the leader of the forest, you can’t just watch this happening every day, and you desperately want to bring back all the missing birds. The forest is filled with the sounds of birds and bright colors are all around. A staggering number of ancient secrets of the forest await…


Even if you’ve played many games with great graphics, Bird Kind can still impress you with its attention to detail. Each bird looks different because of the color of their feathers, and they have very flexible and pretty expressions. It will be difficult to stop playing because there are so many new birds to collect.

  • Fresh graphics to the heart

As each part of the forest appears, you once again have to admire the bright color palette that does not need to be sprinkled throughout the game. There are rows of ancient green trees struggling, numerous rich bushes with diverse flowers and grass, and a gurgling stream with the sun shining above.

  • 2D visual arts meet vivid birds

Bird Kind exploits all of the peaceful and sophisticated aesthetic aspects mentioned above with only 2D visual art, half hand-drawn watercolor, half hand-drawn. The image looks very poetic and romantic. Any heart, no matter how dry, immediately blossoms when it sees the game’s scenery.

How to Play

šŸ£ Prepare in advance for the journey

Before taking care of valuable plants that assist you in summoning birds, you should take a little time to care for the woodland until it becomes an ideal home for all kinds of birds.

  • Clear vegetation: Remove plants and bushes so snakes won’t be able to live close by.
  • Gaps for sunshine: Make sure to leave space for the sun to shine through. And many other things.

By following the game’s rules, you can make a great habitat with stunning landscapes for birds.

šŸ¦…Collect various birds

You should summon and collect a variety of birds to rebuild a bird ecosystem in the forest. From the simplest species like hummingbirds to extremely rare species like parakeets or falcons. Soon enough, your forest will go back to its former glory. You can unlockĀ new bird breedsĀ by helpingĀ lonely green souls. After soothing the trees’ pain, they will unleash the power to summon one or more new birds. Drop into your pocket like adorable baby eggs, and remember, collecting is just the beginning of a long journey.

You need to prepare the nest, learn about the bird, and prepare food that it likes. The young bird pecks the egg, raises its head, begins to eat its prey, and grows bigger day by day.

šŸ•Š Look through this bird encyclopedia

To properly raise the different breeds of birds available, you will need to carefully study information about each species. You can access all the biological knowledge in the dictionary by clicking on the bird image, accompanied by detailed instructions and illustrations for each stage of the breed’s life cycle.

Get ready to meet a fantasy world full of incredible birds. Download and manage a vivid bird kingdom that responds to your every decision now!

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  • Latest Version: Bird Kind v0.49
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Runaway
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 7.1
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