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Bistro Heroes is a gorgeous role-playing game packed with arcade simulation to create cute characters, which is also known to more players nowadays with its simple gameplay, and carefully drawn graphics. Bistro Heroes focuses on two girls living in an extremely perilous but equally diverse fantasy world. They plan to run their own business of a bistro, where fantastic creatures will come and taste the strangest dishes.

Prepare food – hunt monsters – fight giant powerful creatures – collect the necessary ingredients according to your standards.


The Story

Based on unique plot content, the story of Bistro Heroes takes place in an unknown kingdom that nobody knows. On a lonely night, two girls were very exhausted and weak because they were starving after a long war of fighting monsters.

In this extremely difficult situation, the two girls seemed completely devastated when suddenly a foul smell appeared somewhere. The food smelled so delicious both girls seemed to wake up and then run as fast as they could to find out the source of it – a little girl’s roadside restaurant. The two girls approached and asked this girl to prepare food for them. The special thing is that the girl in this restaurant is very good at cooking, but she is mute. After the meal, they decided to stay at the roadside restaurant to help the girl expand and develop the store.

Simple Gameplay

The best thing about Bistro Heroes is that the player isn’t fighting to protect the land or something that seems to be important but inane. The aim is very simple – just to cook delicious food and make a lot of money from it.

▶ Ingredients

Players can easily find cooking ingredients. Grab the weapon and head to the hunting areas in the nearby forest to gather ordinary and rare raw materials like pork, mushrooms, seafood, coffee, chicken…

Each hunting area will provide one to two different ingredients. Also, players can find other friends while traveling and ask them to join their team to hunt for more.

▶ Dishes

When playing Bistro Heroes, the goal is to find ingredients and bring them to the girl at the restaurant to cook. For each meal, you need 1-4 ingredients in different amounts, and the meal will be served and eaten after a certain amount of time once it’s ready. The player needs to sell these dishes together to get gold coins to make the restaurant bigger and better.

▶ Diverse combat mechanics

Players will choose up to 4 warriors to come along on the hunt. Each fight will have a different number of creatures and people. You can make your soldiers move from side to side in the battle. Depending on the job, the player has to move the warriors they picked in the right way.

▶ Deep warrior system

In the game Bistro Heroes, each character will have different strong points that match their role, like being a tank, gladiator, mage, or gunner. If players can put together a good team for each position, it will make it easier for them to win games. You can use the crystals to upgrade your warriors stronger and healthier through the upgrade menu.

▶ Full customization

In Bistro Heroes, players can create outfits for their warriors using fabrics they win in difficult levels. Each warrior has different costumes made of different materials, so the amount of fabric needed to make each costume will also be different.

Get ready to experience a new delicacy sensation with a thrilling hunting experience. Download to build your gougers Bistro and hunt your way to final success!

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  • Latest Version: Bistro Heroes v4.21.0
  • Category: Role-playing
  • Developer: Team Tapas
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  • Android Version: Android 5.1
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