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BiuBiu Gunster is an action-packed 2D platformer where you, a hero with a balloon and a special air gun, blast through a thrilling adventure with BiuBiu, a white and ball-like character who is surprisingly a courageous warrior, even though he looks weak, and defends the forest by joining forces with a group of heroes to stop the enemy in the sky.

Keep shooting and jumping your way through different levels to stop the menace of your enemy and bring back peace to the forest. Will you and BiuBiu vanquish endless hordes of enemies till the end?


The Adventure of The Little White Warrior

BiuBiu Gunster unveils a long and entertaining story of BiuBiu, a round and white warrior. In this world, something happened to BiuBiu that made him change from a chubby character who only cared about eating into a hero, even though he didn’t really want to. Now set your spirit free in the sky, with a gun, shooting at enemies while flying in a cool space.

Your mission

Your main task is to shoot all the enemies you see on the screen and avoid tricky obstacles as they get harder. Once you collect enough points, you can move on to the next level of the game, where you will encounter new enemies and obstacles. Are you prepared to battle BiuBiu until the very end?

Intuitive controls

You might think that the characters in BiuBiu Gunster are a little small and slightly worried about how easy it is to control them. But a lot of people who play this game say that it is easy to control and has simple and clear buttons for moving around, which also adds to why the game stays popular.

Much more challenging

Looking at BiuBiu Gunster’s interesting graphics, then the colors and shapes, you may think this game will be quite easy. But the truth is they exactly not the same.

  • The gameplay: The aim is easy to understand, but the levels are getting harder. You feel very relaxed during the first 10 levels because they are so easy to pass. However, there are hordes of enemies and traps, and you have to keep avoiding attacks because the enemies can shoot better than you think.

If you fall into the hole and get shot, you will start bleeding right away, and when you don’t have enough blood, you’ll start the level over. On the contrary, if you do well and vanquish the boss, your gun will be upgraded, making it more powerful with faster shooting and more barrels.

  • The foes: However, your foes also became very powerful. The crazy bats, weird flying creatures, like airplanes, and mysterious clouds of dust in the sky. You need to watch carefully and be very focused to avoid bumping into them or getting hit by bullets.

Navigate unique maps

BiuBiu Gunster created many interesting levels, with different sky colors, enemies, and ever-changing backgrounds. The intense and fun gameplay will keep you on the brim of your seat, and coming back for more fun. You can venture through different maps each with unique bosses and new stories awaiting. Break everything in your way to get what you want. You can finish the mission at your own pace, but watch out for unexpected attacks of your enemy.

  • Snow wolf ice field:
  • Forest adventures
  • Endless desert
  • Shimmering cave

Are you brave and smart enough to dominate this challenging platformer game and hold out until the end? Download and embark on a great adventure with tons of surprises and challenges to jumpstart your imagination and volition!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: BiuBiu Gunster v1.0.5
  • Category: Platformer
  • Developer: ToolStudio (Mobile Apps)
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
  • Size: 145.0MB



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