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Black Clover M is a turn-based RPG that flawlessly reinterprets the iconic characters and themes of the anime Black Clover, so you can encounter and choose your favorite characters to go fight with you in this game. Additionally, the unique qualities of each character are heightened stronger, and reworked by the developer.

The Story

You will play as the protagonist Asta in the Black Clover M game, just like in Tabata’s manga. He has a good friend named Yuno, who has the wind magic. In this world, everyone displayed their magical talent at a young age. However, Asta is different, he has a healthy physique and a brilliant mind. Both of them are struggling to become the next unbeatable mage in the magical world, the Sorcerer King. Asta, who wasn’t good at magic, found a special book with five leaves that had a forbidden spell from the Devil in it. Yuno figured out an unmatched spell book with Clover written by the strongest mages in history.

Asta becomes part of the Black Bulls group when he grows up, and Yuno joins the Golden Dawn group. These two groups often fight each other in magical battles. But after a while, the clans realized that their fighting was useless when the forces of Evil showed up. They need to work together to fight the Devil and keep the land safe.

Key Features

πŸ€ Turn-based role-playing gameplay

In Black Clover M with a turn-based gameplay, when it’s your turn, you can pick what skills each character will use, and then it’s the enemy’s turn. Prove yourself to outplay, outwit, and smash your foes and be the master of Black Clover M!

πŸ€ Diverse game modes

Black Clover M offers many options for you to choose from. You can play through a story, and battle monsters and demons to get rewards like equipment and new characters. This mode is popular because fans of the manga can spend a lot of time in the magical world and explore with their favorite characters. Use the best plans for your magic characters to beat the enemy and get to the top of the leaderboards around the world.

πŸ€ Charming characters

In Black Clover M, you will embrace tons of characters from the Manga to assist you in becoming the Sorcerer King of this world. Β Summon the most powerful mages together to fight against dangerous creatures like monsters and demons. If you like characters such as Asta, Yuno, Lord Freese, Marie Adlai (House Adlai), and Klaus Lunettes (Golden Dawn), you can see them in this game.

  • Ranks: Similar to other anime games, the characters are sorted by levels, and the top level is called SSR. Yes, if you are willing to spend money to win, you can buy more chances to redo your moves instead of waiting like the players who don’t pay.

πŸ€ The reroll system

In the worldwide version, you can only get one free do-over after 30 minutes. And of course, it’s not very likely that you’ll get SSR characters when you reroll. Of course, the company wants people to spend more money to buy more chances to play.

πŸ€ Unreal engine graphics

Even though it’s just a game you can play on your phone, the pictures and special effects in Black Clover M are really good. Whenever you pick a skill for your character, you will watch amazing scenes with great lighting and cool visual effects. You will feel like you are watching a cartoon, not just playing a small game on your phone.

Download and join Asta and his companions as they set out on a brand-new journey of new challenges and tribulations!

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