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Black Crown: Catfish King’s Fury is a fighting RPG with dungeon elements and shows that even if you are naturally talented in something, you have to work hard every day to succeed, and so does a hero. Embark on a fantasy adventure to push yourself to reach the next level. The adventure to fight monsters and become stronger in Black Crown: Catfish King’s Fury will be an exciting hero’s journey worth seeing.


The Story

The princess of your kingdom, Princess Pepperoni, has been taken by the Catfish King. This bad monster has locked up the sad princess in the deep, dark dungeons. The King needs you to rescue the princess because you are the only hero who can do it. The exciting adventure of exploring dungeons, fighting many monsters, and rescuing the hero’s princess starts.

A brave tale that keeps you interested, not afraid to venture into dark places, push yourself to do hard things, and face new challenges to achieve your ultimate goal and improve yourself. That’s the story in Black Crown: Catfish King’s Fury.

Game Features

In Black Crown: Catfish King’s Fury, you’ll explore dungeons and fight with hordes of monsters. You, the strongest hero keep on fighting and developing yourself, without being afraid, even when facing many enemies. You just focus on reaching the ultimate goal and never give up.

♔ Endless hero growth

Every time you fail, your brave hero becomes a bit more powerful. Upgrade yourself as you prepare to vanquish a wide range of bosses. The dungeons’ dark scenery changes a lot, but now you’re used to it and it doesn’t surprise you anymore. It takes time to master your gift and adapt to everything. Once you get used to it, things will become a bit easier, that’s how this game works.

♔ 200+ skins

In addition to being strong, skilled, and flexible in fights, Black Crown: Catfish King’s Fury also has over 200 different outfits for the warriors to wear. You can perfect your playstyle by customizing your hero, with the old-fashioned battle outfits to make your hero one-of-a-kind and more advanced each time.

♔ More challenging enemies

The Catfish King’s Fury game in Black Crown’s Dungeon Challenge is always changing and getting new updates. It also has lots of surprises and rewards for players to win. Throughout the game, there are events and mini-games that can help you get better items and equipment to make your hero stronger.

♔ Exciting events

Besides exploring the dungeon and saving the princess as the main mission, you also have many interesting events that you can participate in. There are some in-game events and mini-games providing you with more chances to acquire new, more powerful items for your hero’s upgrade.

♔ Tons of unlockables

In Black Crown: CatfishKing’s Fury, anyone can own an indomitable hero. You must choose a fighting style that suits your fighting style. And continue on your way. Because how fast or slow the hero develops is not the deciding factor. In other dungeons, you also have countless opportunities to find new items, equipment, and even more ways to improve existing weapons.

By combining weapons, items, and your hero’s ascended powers, you will be able to defeat the strongest enemies in the game, finally enter the deepest lair, take down the CatfishKing, and save the princess.

Each failure is not the end, you have to fall to become stronger, braver, and more heroic. Download and push your skill, luck, and volition to limits and your every choice or action defines the adventure in the dungeon. You will be permanently remembered.

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