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Block Craft 3D v2.18.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Build and grow your own village, or feel free to do so in an unlimited open world!

Introduction About Block Craft 3D

Block Craft 3D is a Minecraft-style construction game in which you create your own city with tons of buildings, one block at a time. Roads, street lights, banks, houses, cars, skyscrapers… You can build almost anything.

After completion, you will receive different rewards when your building is finished.

Outstanding Features of Block Craft 3D

  • Interesting building game: many different buildings. Build houses, castles, mines, and even spaceships and the Eiffel Tower!
  • Simulation of the best life, this is a fun simulator game!
  • Lots of pixels: Enjoy special pixel graphics.
  • Choose your character!
  • Animals Adopt and play with animals! How interesting!
  • Amazing 3D architecture
  • One of the best construction games
  • Plenty of pets and freedom to explore
  • Play with pets! Adopt a dog or even an elephant! You can focus on building the best buildings you can or exploring the world.

Multiple player games

You can visit the cities your friends (or enemies) have built and help them finish their construction. You will have the opportunity to play against many players. Multiplayer is so much fun! If you have a relative or friend who is also one of those people who are passionate about designing and building, tell them about this game right away. After a multiplayer screen like this, you’ll learn, socialize, and build more relationships with new friends.

It’s a free-to-play game, so you can download it to your mobile phone. Lots of exciting new things to discover!

Characters and interfaces

The construction and design of all the characters appearing in the game are unique and cute. At the same time, the interface of this beautiful city is presented in an intuitive and vivid way, which has left a deep impression on many people. Not only that, but the background music is also very relaxed and lively, which can help players concentrate more during the construction process.

A game for all ages

Block Craft 3D is a game for all audiences, especially men. They always want to express themselves through these unique and popular building stages. You can be a student, student, office worker, or even a retired senior citizen. This app will bring a lot of fun and laughter to the players. Not only that, you can play it for entertainment and relaxation, eliminating sadness as well as all the stress and fatigue in life. In addition, you will gain some experience in construction work.

Create and sell

No modules, starters, or PE. You can create custom blocks, make special furniture, or complete blueprints for buildings! Even better: sell them and get lots of gems!


In Block Craft 3D, no maps are required, just visit your friends’ villages to get new ideas and follow blueprints and guidelines to easily build fantastic buildings.

Gameplay of Block Craft 3D

Block Craft 3D is a well-known style of block strategy game. In this game, you will build an entire city in the style of civilization and Simcity. You can use a lot of buildings. You can add residents and pets to the city, visit your neighbors, and share your results with the world!

Download Block Craft 3D Now!

Block Craft 3D is a Minecraft-style game that truly simplifies the building process, one of the most complex tasks in the legendary Mojang game. Thanks to Helpers, you’ll find a more convenient way to complete your large construction.

Build and grow your own village, or feel free to do so in an unlimited open world! Try Block Craft 3D now and have fun building a city!


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