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#DRIVE could be an exciting pixelated racing game set in unique locations with a 3D environment, from a ruthless wasteland to the beautiful west coast. Fight against rivals and devastate pernicious marauders from adversary bunches beneath the burning sun. Your extreme objective is to overcome them and set up yourself as the extraordinary master of the track.

#DRIVE includes an immersive and captivating component to the gameplay. You can change and upgrade your car in this game and make changes to the engine, both inside and outside of the car. You can choose from regular, fighting, road, heavy racing, and online racing.

Why is #DRIVE the Game for You?


No matter what your playstyle is, you can find the right vehicle for yourself in #DRIVE with 400+ types of cars. From high-speed compact to moderate lumbering goliaths. Each vehicle comes with its claimed fundamental function and updates to broaden the playing field.

With numerous suggestions and upgrades from the engineer, you’ll customize your vehicle to improve footing, increment speed, and diminish halting time. In specific, the improvement of vehicle execution is exceptionally imperative in competing with rivals on the track. Hence, pay attention to customizing your car to attain the stamp of rubbing against other hustling groups.

Cosmetic Options

Select a hustling car and customize it when you enter the racing world of #DRIVE. You have a wide extend of dashing cars to choose from, but also you’ll be able to make numerous changes and customize your car to improve its dashing capabilities. Vehicle customization is a progressed highlight within the diversion, permitting you to design, construct, and customize your vehicle, to meet your necessities and inclinations.

After you get to the vehicle choices include, you’re displayed with a run of customizations that can alter the appearance and execution of your vehicle. As for the looks, you’ll alter the car color, and introduce decals, wheel edges, tires, and numerous other adornments. With execution, you’ll be able to customize the motor, transmission, suspension, and numerous more angles such as diminishing drag, speeding up, beat speed, and numerous other traits to suit your driving fashion.


With four types of game modes and in-game events, racing never stops! #DRIVE has the following modes for you to explore. Each mode will bring you to a brand-new racing journey.

  • Head-to-head Racing

In this mode, you can enjoy the feeling of competition between two riders without the obstructions of any other players. Also, you may race on diverse tracks to win against coordinated rivals.

  • Lap Racing

This mode is meant to see how well you can drive in local races. Lap mode is very challenging for everyone who plays.

  • Long-distance Racing

The long-distance dashing mode is designed to offer you a special and energizing dashing encounter on the long road. Not as it required great hustling aptitudes, you too have to be plan continuance and readiness since these races can final a few tens of minutes.

  • Speed Racing

Speed racing is an exciting race where players compete to win by going as fast as possible. This “runaway” mode is perfect for people who love going fast and don’t mind taking risks.

  • Race for Money

The fun doesn’t stop there! #DRIVE also features the Race for Money mode, where you can earn money to make your cars faster or buy new cars. Also, You can improve your garage with the money.

So start your engines! The most vibrant, super racing game you’ve ever experienced is here now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: #DRIVE 3.1.298
  • Category: Race
  • Developer: Pixel Perfect Dude S.A.
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android: 6.0+
  • Size: 160.42MB

Change Log

Version 3.1.298 updated on Sep 8, 2023

  • All bugs fixed



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